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Beit Gan-Eden Messianic Community - Queensland Australia
A Messianic Congregation of believers in Yeshua the Messiah. Established in 1999. Service time 10am AEST. (Friday Midnight UTC). The Shabbat service video streams live. From that service a video recording of the current message is on the home page and also a link to the archives of prior video messages. Audios recording from the latest full Shabbat service and the latest message portion can be downloaded. Weekly newsletter (PDF download). Torah and all Biblical Moedim are observed. Marriages, baby dedications, Bar/Bat Mitzvot are conducted. Charter member of (The Coalition of Torah Observant Messianic Congregations).

Merciful Servants of God 
he purpose of this website is to preach the TRUE & COMPLETE Gospel of the Kingdom of God for FREE to whoever has ears to hear it. Time is VERY short. The end of this present evil world is VERY near (Galatians 1:4; 1 John 5:19). TRUE World Peace is coming! (Isaiah 2:1-4) Yeshua Messiah will end ALL suffering and oppression (Psalms 72; Isaiah 61).

Beit Chesed Chavurah - Madisonville, LA
Beit Chesed means House of Mercy or Loving Kindness, which is the heart of Beit Chesed ministry. Our mission is to establish and disciple a community where Messianic Jews and Messianic Believers live by one faith in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and observe the teachings and instructions of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in Torah.

Sukkat David Ministry
Sukkat David Ministry: a prophetic and apostolic ministry raised for the restoration of the Torah and the gathering of the Twelve Tribes in the Body of Messiah

To The Ends Of The Earth--Teaching the Jewish Roots of Christianity
Insights from Israel into the Bible, Jesus the Messiah,
and the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith.

Messianic Footprints
One beliver's journey back to the Torah.

Kingdom Paths
Promotes the education about, wearing and use of 100% Linen and living a messianic lifestyle. The use of natural products to promote and maintain health and wellbeing.

Servant of Messiah Ministries
Teaching ministry - Teachings relating to Hebrew roots and Typology. Largest source of Free Ebooks and EResources supporting Torah and Early Church History. Free Siddur's and Haggadah's for use. 

Beth Shalom Messianic Ministries - Sugarcreek, Ohio
Beth Shalom is a congregation located near Sugarcreek Ohio and started in 2006. We are building a Messianic community in the area of Coshocton County and Holmes County, Ohio, United States. Check out our website for online broadcasts, congregational information, or to be part of our online community.

Tikvah l'Chaim - Hope for Life Messianic Jewish Fellowship - Woodstock, Georgia
At Tikvah l’ Chaim “Hope for Life” We believe the Bible (both Old and New Covenants) to be the divinely inspired Word of G-d. (it is our source and final authority.) 2 Timothy 3:16; I Peter 1:23-25; Hebrews 4:12 All Messianic’s, whether from Jewish heritage or not, are unified as one new creation of G-d through their faith in Messiah Yeshua.

Messiah Studies
The purpose of this Web site is to present in-depth studies of Messianic passages in the Hebrew Scriptures (the Tanakh). But do we represent Judaism or Christianity? That's a fair question. We do, in fact, believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah of Israel. If you are Jewish and do not believe that, perhaps you would be interested in reading the studies from the Tanakh presented here. What is the evidence that Yeshua is King Messiah? Read it and decide. We do not ask you to "convert" to Christianity. The message of the Prophets to the people of Israel was always, "Return to the Lord your God!" But we do ask you to commit yourself to the Tanakh, Israel's holy Scriptures, the word of God. Then we encourage you to follow where Moses and the Prophets lead you. If after reading the papers on this Web site, the word of God leads you to believe that Yeshua is HaMashiach (the Messiah), then commit your life to him, for as the name Yeshua (Hebrew meaning "Yahweh saves") implies, he came to save his people from their sins.

Christian Sabbath Assembly - Dyersburg, Tennessee
The messianic group in Northwest Tennessee. We have service every Sabbath at 10:00 AM CST. Torah Study at 10AM, Worship service at 11AM. We have hundreds of teachings streaming online.
Messianic articles and audio teachings.

Spiritual Babies
Messianic believers walking the Torah and blogging each step. Teaching as we learn about Messiah.

Shofar Call International
To connect prayer intcessors, shofarim, dancers and flaggers worldwide to be able to serve Yeshua anywhere anytime.  

Bible Study Project 
The Bible Study Project is a topical arrangement of the Bible's doctrines examined in detail with a messianic component by a student of Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum.

Tabernacle of YHWH - Kapaa, Hawaii
Tabernacle of YHWH is an Israelite fellowship that serves to bring the good news of both the Living and the Written Torah to the Islands of the Pacific. We seek to bring Reconciliation and Restoration to both Jews and Christians through worshiping YHWH and studying Scripture from a Hebrew perspective.
While recognizing that both Jewish and Christian religions are steeped in much of man’s tradition, we seek to bring together the truths of both systems from the Sacred Scriptures of the Tanach (commonly called the Old Testament) and the Apostolic Writings (known as the New Testament).

Bet Doresh Messianic Jewish Ministries of New Mexico
I am Messianic Rabbi Jay P. Newcomb, founder of Bet Doresh Messianic Jewish Ministries of New Mexico and Temple Bet Doresh Messianic Jewish Congregation. Our sight contains detailed teachings on various aspects of Torah and observance of Biblical Judaism. May the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be your rock and your fortress

Aliyah Congregation - Monument, Colorado
Aliyah Congregation is a local congregation reaching out to seekers of Torah.

House of David Fellowship City - Richmond, Virginia
While recognizing that the Scriptures are the highest authority, we also realize that there are some translation issues as well as some Hebrew & Greek issues. One of our main foci is to uncover these so that we better understand what the original hearers and readers understood when it was first delivered.

Sound The Trumpet In Zion 
Sound The Trumpet In Zion is a collection of articles, videos and forum groups to discuss Torah and, as Messianics, how to share our faith with others. Make friends and learn more. This is an all in one place for videos, tracts, articles and fellowship! 

How To Pray For Israel
The website for the 470+ page book "How To Pray For Israel." The most comprehensive prayer guide every written, it covers the WHY-HOW-WHEN and the WHO-WHAT-WHERE of praying for Israel, in depth and detail. The book is filled with Scriptures, pictures, prayer points, lists and challenges the individual, rabbi, pastor and prayer leader to praying specific prayers over specific situations and places concerning both Israel, and the Jewish peoples. 

Answering Christian Objections was created as a service of The Psalm 119 Foundation to accomplish three main goals: #1: Encourage open and honest discussion of objections to God's Law #2: Equip those who sanctify Christ as Lord in their hearts with a defense to anyone who asks #3: Challenge believers to examine everything they believe carefully and test those beliefs against Scripture
This site was created as a service of The Psalm 119 Foundation to provide information about G-d's commandments found in the Bible. These commandments are found in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. They are reiterated, reinforced, and repeated throughout the entire Bible. They are G-d's holy Law.

The Rabbi
This website was created as a service of The Psalm 119 Foundation and dedicated to the life and teaching of our Rabbi
Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel.
The 613 commandments found in the Hebrew Bible were first enumerated in Moshe ben Maimon's work called the
Mishneh Torah (Repetition of the Torah). Actually, these "commandments" (in Hebrew called "mitzvot") describe 613 ways humanity can connect with the holiness of G-d. The Hebrew word mitzvot comes from the root word tzavta which means "connection".  This website provides an interactive way to explore those connections!

Mercy Seat Ministries - Wichita, KS 
We are a Biblically-centered and Messiah-focused congregation of believers in the Wichita, KS area. We do not seek denominational status but realize YHWH's children are a scattered remnant around the globe who keep the Commandments of YHWH and have the testimony of Y'shua the Messiah. We believe YHWH's people, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, encompasses what the Bible calls Israel no matter where they reside. We do not align ourselves with man-made doctrine or church-related theology, but only desire to learn and obey the instructions(Torah) from the Scriptures.
We believe Y'shua the Messiah is our Savior who purchased us with His own blood by dying for our sins and knowing He is the way, the truth, and the life. We seek to worship the one true YHWH of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in spirit and in truth in accordance with the written Word of YHWH.

ARoodAwakening! International
ARoodAwakening! International is a ministry of Michael Rood that strives to return Christianity to its hebrew roots. With an old-fashioned, Hebrew mindset, Michael delves into the heart of the Scriptures to discover what is expected of us, God’s people, and how this return to an old way of thinking illuminates the Bible from cover to cover in a way you’ve never experienced.

Mayim Khayim Torah Orah - Lakeland, Florida
We believe in following in the Ancient Paths of the Messiah Yeshua HaMashiak. We are a Sabbath Keeping, Torah Based, Kosher Eating, Messiah Focused Ministry with a vision of building a community of Torah Keepers.

End From Beginning
Blog with teaching and articles about the Feasts, Paleo Hebrew based teachings and supporting archeological finds. Posted by me, Dee Stover


What is grace? What is faith? What is obedience? To make matters more complicated, how do they all relate to each other? Are they against each other like some teach, or do they work together in His perfect design? Understand the relationship!

SUNBURNED - 119 Ministries

(2 DVD Set) We take a hard look at a subject that most are too scared to consider critically, Christmas and Easter. This teaching is for those that are bold in the faith, and want a loving relationship with the Lord.

Revealing God's Treasure - Ark Discovery

Our premiere DVD covering all five discoveries of Sodom & Gomorrah, Noah's Ark, the Red Sea Crossing, Mt. Sinai in Arabia, and the Ark of the Covenant, plus talks given by Ron Wyatt.  Over 4 hours of video on one disc, English narration. Also 8 other languages.

What Do We Do With Those Gentiles? By Arthur Bailey

This DVD contains Arthur’s discussion of the Book of Acts decision on how to view and approach the issues of non-Israelite believers coming into the body of Messiah.

Teaching 8
Teaching 8