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Tour Of Jewish and World History
You are about to be transported through Jewish and world history, as seen within the framework of Jewish traditional sources. We seek to capture, present, and preserve this model. You will therefore experience history beyond the dry dates and facts. Our basis recognizes a close link between G-d, the Torah, the Jewish people, creation, and the events of history. We will freely present history within these contexts, providing a degree of meaning and direction for history of all of Mankind.

Thy Word is Truth
I have always loved to teach the Word. Too many of God's people let their pastor or teacher do all their studying for them. But if the Bible is the Word of God, shouldn't you take a serious look at it yourself? To study and discover things on your own is both faith building and spiritually rewarding. It is exciting to discover the treasures of God's Word. Studying the Bible doesn't have to be a chore, it can be a most thrilling adventure. I hope to stimulate thought by this web site, provoke you to want to dig into the scriptures yourself, and honor the God of Israel, and our Saviour, the Messiah our soon coming King.

Countering lies. Exposing deception. Trying to help those who are searching for  the answers to the multitude of questions that arise from the doctrines of modern day Christian fellowships, Messianic organizations, and Hebrew (Jewish) Congregations. If it doesn't make sense, then there is probably something wrong.
To help take the Babel out of these mysterious questions, we promote Scripture study, prayer, and the use of historical information.

Torah of Messiah Yahshua
Torah of Messiah promotes the TRUE Shema (Dt. 6:4), which teaches G-d is 1, not 3 or 2 in 1. We believe Yahshua worshipped the same G-d we SHOULD and we rebuke the false Trinity G-d of the Babylonish mystery religion. We also hope to advance a Hebraic Renewal - a return to the TRUE Hebraic faith of Messiah.

Shofar International - Seattle and Yakima, Washington
A broad based Messianic Jewish organization with the goal of sharing information to create greater understanding between the Jewish and non-Jewish communities of the world. In conjunction with Beth Ha Shofar and other Messianic Jewish synagogues, we seek G-d's peace for Israel and all mankind until Messiah comes.

Messianic Israel Alliance
The Messianic Israel Alliance began in 1999 as a gathering place for believers in Messiah who were awakening to their lost heritage as Israel. By connecting these believers, the MIA was able to birth relationships throughout the world. Those who once had lost their heritage now had a place they could call home; a place where both Jew and non-Jew could worship the God of Israel as equal brothers in Messiah.

Jonathan Settel International Ministries  
Jonathan is one of the leading Messianic vocalists in the world. He has produced several anointed music tapes and CD's. This music has gone into places where Jonathan has yet to go. Letters are received daily reflecting the impact this music has had on people's lives. Halfway houses, homes for battered women, hospitals, those with serious illness, people mourning and those in need of emotional and inner healing.

SHMA Israel
Restoring the Roots of the Christian Faith and Equipping for the Future for Believers. 'Hebrew worship music in the original language of the Bible. MP3 format.'   

Shalom Scripture Studies
We are a Hebrew-Christian Bible Fellowship with three primary goals: 1) To PROCLAIM the Word of GOD/2) To PRESENT Y'shua (Jesus) as LORD/3) To PROMOTE love for Israel (the Jewish People)

Shalom Ministries
Teaching, Torah - blessings of the New Covenant God promised to the house of Israel and the house of Judah. Through Yeshua God's Torah has been written in our hearts, our sins are forgiven and we know the God of Avraham, Yitzhak and Ya'acov as our Father.

Servants of Yahweh 
This web site contains a number of articles of interest to servants of Yahweh and Yah'shuah. The articles cover various aspects of the law of Yahweh and the faith of Yah'shuah.

A Study Prepared by: A. D. Wade

Sojourner Ministries
The purpose of Sojourner Ministries’ exploration of the Jewish heart of Christianity is the instruction of believers in the original Jewish context and perspective of the Scriptures, resulting in richer connection to our Hebrew roots, deeper concern for the Jewish people and renewed appreciation for the plan of God.

The Shofar Users Manual
A guide for Shofar Players.

Spiritual Abuse
Just as emotional abuse affects one emotionally, while physical abuse inflicts pain and bodily injury on its victim, spiritual abuse affects one spiritually. It is the result of a spiritual leader or system who tries to control, manipulate, or dominate a person. This control is often in the form of fear. This is considered a major factor in mind control or thought reform. There are those who feel the latter comes into play in cases such as these, while others feel the thinking is in error. No matter where one stands on the issue, it does not lessen the affects of spiritual abuse.

Sabbatarian Network
We and other members of The Shema Alliance expose the deceptions of Mystery Traditional Christianity, and Cabalistic (Kabala) Messianic Judaism, as an ECUMENICAL movement to destroy The True Messianic Faith. Inspirational Desktop Wallpaper (Themes) in High Quality JPEG format. 768x1024 most prevalent.

Cyberspace Discussions from the Universe's Original Belief System, "The Seven Noaich Commands" as created by G-d and taught in the Torah and in the Bible.

Servants of YAHWEH Ministry
Pro Torah-Teaching the restoration of the Sacred names of the Heavenly Father YAHWEH and His Son YAHSHUA the Messiah.

Shalach Ministries
An internet ministry focusing on teaching all Jews in the State of Israel the urgent need of accepting Yeshua as their personal Lord and Savior.

The Truth! That’s what this site is aboutCountering lies. Exposing deception.Trying to help those who are searching for  the answers to the multitude of the questions that arise from the doctrines of modern day Christian fellowships, Messianic organizations, and Hebrew (Jewish) Congregations.If it doesn't make sense, then there is probably something wrong.To make sense of these mysterious questions we promote Scripture study, prayer, and the use of historical information.

Beged Ivri
The Levitical Ministry, established in 1983, for the research and restoration of ancient Israelite customs in preparation for rebuilding the Holy Third Temple in Jerusalem.

Beit Simcha Messianic Congregation - Irving, California
Teaching people how to walk as Yeshua walked, and how to keep God's appointed times. Want to learn more about the Jewish Heritage of our faith?

Beth Avraham Messianic Jewish Website
Beth Abraham is the Hebrew phrase meaning "Family of Abraham." Our ancestor Abraham is the father not only of all the Jewish People, but also of all people who trustingly follow God and obey Him.

Bible Plus!
Bible Students, Pastors, Evangelists, the Curious . . . Here's one of the most time saving sites for Bible Studies on the Internet. Especially created for those who really want to know the FULL picture about what the Bible has to say on a wide variety of subjects.

Beit Shalom
Proclaiming the Besurat HaGeulah HaMalchut, the Good News of the Kingdom, Yeshua HaMashiach, and declaring the Almighty's eternal covenant of Torah!

B'Nai Avraham Messianic  Congregation - Ottumwa, IA 
A Messianic web site that has teachings on the torah, feasts, etc. Also- an excellent bookstore.

Relating the Dead Sea Scrolls to Today
Library of Congress Materials  

Raw Uncut and Unheard: The Gospel
This ministry is all about the Gospel of Yahweh, and the good news of Yahshua our salvation. We invite you to partake of the text lessons, and to join in our Messageboard and LIVE VOICE CHAT.

Ruach Torah
Restoring the Bet Midrash to the Body of Messiah

Ruth Project
The Mission and Goal of Ruth Project is to explore the Jewish context of early Christianity in a way that will help Christians appreciate Judaism. In this way, we hope to promote reconciliation between Christians and Jews through understanding and respect.

Rebecca at the Well Foundation
We are a non-profit Judeo-Christian organization devoted to preparing the Bride for the Messiah's return.  We offer books, teaching tapes and resources, building a bridge between Judaism and Christianity.  By understanding of the Hebrew roots of our faith, we lead believers into a deeper walk and intimacy with the Messiah.  Anointing oils available, wailing wall prayer link.

The Rock of Israel
Dedicated to reaching Jewish people with the good news that their Messiah has come and will soon return!

Concord Messianic Fellowship - Concord, NH
Affirming the Unity of Jewish and Gentile Believers in Messiah Yeshua/Celebrating a Torah Observant Lifestyle/Davidic Praise and Worship

Congregation Shema Yisrael - Southfield, MI
A congregation which fosters the spiritual growth of all Messianic Believers who have asked Messiah Yeshua into their hearts.

Congregation Beth El of Manhattan - New York, NY
This is the homepage of a Messianic Jewish synagogue in Manhattan (New York City). Messianic synagogues are congregations of Jewish people (and non-Jewish people as well) who believe that Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth was the Messiah foretold by the Jewish prophets.

CHAIM - Glenside, PA
The Jewish salutation L'CHAIM means "To Life!" CHAIM means LIFE in Hebrew, and stands for "CHristians Announcing Israel's Messiah". (Pronounce it with a guttural "h". It rhymes with "ti-ime") We promote the gospel among the Jewish people through direct evangelism, motivating and equipping churches, and discipling Jewish believers. It is our desire to help rebuild the Reformed witness to the Jewish people in the USA.

Congregation of Yahweh
We are a non-denominational organization whose members seek to understand the Scriptures. We try to keep the Law (Torah) because that is what the Messiah did. We do not keep Torah in order to be saved. We keep Torah because we want to have perfect love.

Congregation Teshuvat Yisrael
Teshuvat Yisrael congregations are located in Linoln City, OR and Tacoma, WA. We serve the community by bringing Torah teaching and discussion, Dance, Feasts, and end time studies. Our mission is to bring forth the harmony of the scriptures, looking for the witness in both testaments. We welcome all to come, joining to worship One G-d.

Christian Answers to Islam
A Christian-Muslim Dialog

Congregation B’nei HaMelech
In these uncertain times, we are all looking for something that we can count on, something that will give our lives and our families meaning and stability. We believe that the only “something” that will never fail is a SomeOne—Yeshua Ha’Natseret (Jesus of Nazareth), the Lion of Judah, Israel’s Messiah, and the living Son of G-d. Find out about Him in the pages of the Bible, the only absolutely sure foundation upon which to build your family.

AlephBet: The Building Blocks of Life (5 Cds) by Brad Scott

The AlephBet series needs to be a fundamental starting point for anyone’s journey in learning the beautiful language of Hebrew. Beginning with the absolute design of all creation found in ancient Hebrew, Brad moves into the internal and external evidence of the original language of the Scriptures from Bere’shiyt (Genesis) to Hitgalut (Revelation). The last 3 CDs are an introduction to the individual letters, their pictographic meanings, pronunciation, and numerical values. There is no better way to begin learning the words that framed the world. Included is a chart (located in the sleeve behind the cover) of the letters and their meanings from the ancient pictures to the modern script.

Teaching 2
Teaching 2