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Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith MP3

There is a growing hunger among Christians to know from whence they came... to learn of their Jewish roots (Romans 11:17, 18) and to look at the Bible “through Jewish eyes” to add richness (Romans 11:12) to their understanding and to their lives.

This audio series will provide you with the tools to understand your own beliefs in a far more profound way than ever before. A growing number of pastors and teachers are drawing upon this valuable resource so that they may be better equipped to “rightly divide the Word of truth.”(2 Timothy 2:15).

American Torah
Teaching / Articles - Teachings on the practical application and meaning of Torah in the lives of modern American believers.

Teachingstore - Our website is a wealth of studies that go back into the original languages and open the scriptures as never before.  We have the most powerful videos on Hebraic restoration that exist from the most profound ministries.  We will show you how to study the Bible in the original languages so that you can unlock the encoded truths that years of language evolution and mistranslations have obscured.  Come and dine with us!

Dawn Hagedorn  
Teachingstore - What does YHWH's Word actually say about healing His people?  Y’shua, YHWH’s Word made flesh, didn’t need doctor’s & drugs 2000 years ago, Y’shua is the same yesterday, today and forever, YHWH’s Word doesn’t need doctors or drugs to heal His people today.  We have set up our own brass serpent as an idol (the medical industry) just like the Israelites did.  King Hezekiah destroyed it and prayed for the people and they were healed.  It’s time we do the same!  

Yehovah's Family Fellowship -
Teaching - Windsor Ontario Canada Congregations Bible topics by various teachers and also Hebraic music.  Great for anyone looking for Hebraic roots info or a fellowship

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