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Messianic Jewish Communications
Over the decades, the publications of Lederer/Messianic Jewish Communications have been widely used to impact thousands of Jewish people with the Good News of Messiah. These books and tracts have been distributed in the Orthodox Jewish community, have been given out to Jews in the former Soviet Union, and have been used by Messianic congregations and Jewish outreaches all over the world. These and other Messianic materials are available through our Messianic Jewish Resources

The online Judaica store with the finest selection of Jewish gifts , Jewish religious articles and Judaica handicrafts all at the most attractive prices

Bible Land
Now is the time to live the unity of the Scriptures. The time has arrived for both Gentiles and Jews. Feel the arms of Messiah Yeshua and touch the Heart of God surrounding you. Welcome the Messiah by remembering Him. This product is part of a collection of Messianic vessels, manufactured by good people in Israel, made in the Bible Land and shipped from the Holy Land of Israel. This unique collection is decorated with the Messianic Seal of Jerusalem, a symbol that unites all "Messianic Jews", "Jewish Christians" or "Christian Jews" worldwide. The symbol gathers the Jewish Menorah together with a fish - a modern depictive representation of Christian faith and the community of Jesus followers. The Menorah and the Fish create a Star of David (Magen David – The Shield of King David) at the intersection.

The Gurkevich family has been in the tallit production and Judaica business for over 70 years and 3 generations. Moshe Gurkevich arrived in Israel in the year 1920 and established the Tallit factory

Purple Pomegranate Productions
We strive to be the leading provider of Messianic resources that enable Jewish and Gentile Believers to better understand the roots of their faith, and to strengthen their witness to our unsaved Jewish people worldwide.

Abba Oil
Producers of anointing oil products for prayer and healing

Beth Emunah Messianic Synagogue - Agoura Hills CA
Our community strives to bring meaning and spirituality into the lives of every individual. We value the involvement of everyone, Jews and non-Jews, intermarried couples, and those of all ages. Our services embrace Jewish tradition in fresh new ways; in the fullness of New Covenant teachings, the renewal of the Spirit, and in relationship with Yeshua the Messiah.

Israel-Catalog is the biggest Israeli/Jewish product e-Commerce site on the Internet. Our customers have purchased products from around the world. Mark the one before is

A ministry dedicated to sounding the clarion call of the shofar to awaken the whole house of Israel out of its slumber, bringing them back to the truth of YHVH’s Torah and his promised Mashiach Yahshua. Providing YHVH’s watchman with the ancient weapons of warfare, so that we may destroy HaSatan's influence and bring in YHVH’s glory to fill the whole earth through the voice of the shofar.

Homestead Originals
We offer unique, handcrafted, specialty products for your homestead, and those in it! From our signature all natural, soy wax, beeswax & aromatherapy candles, to specialty handcrafted soaps & wheat berry heating pads, to our "Homestead Simplicity" eBook Series!

Holy Land Market Place
The purpose of HolyLand Marketplace is to help Israeli Believers in Yeshua (Jesus Christ). Jewish Believers living in Israel face great challenges for the sake of their faith; their products are usually not accepted by typical Israelis, their jobs are in constant jeopardy, and they have but limited ways of earning a living. Many of these Believers are recent Jewish immigrants who have not yet assimilated into Israeli society, and don’t even know the language.

Israeli Gifts
Shopping here helps you to support the Israeli economy. The War is not over yet! Shalom from Israel.

The Challah Connection
If it's a Kosher Gift Basket you need for any occasion, look no further than the Challah Connection. Whether you'd like to send a Jewish Holiday Gift Basket to show someone you're thinking of them, a Jewish New Baby Basket to share your joy with some new parents, or a Shiva Gift Basket to express your sympathy, the Challah Connection has a Kosher Gift Basket that is perfect for you. Each of our products is carefully chosen and certified Kosher, ensuring the highest quality. If you're searching for information on a Jewish Holiday or Jewish tradition, we're always here to help. We at the Challah Connection believe that once you experience our excellent customer service and highest-quality products, we will be the place for your Kosher gift-giving needs.

Millennium 7000 Communications
Millennium Communications (aka Millennium 7000 Communications) is completely focused on teaching all non-Jews (Gentiles) to hear and obey YHWH’s (Yehovah's) written Torah Commandments (Isaiah2:1-3), as they have been revealed through the Scriptures belonging to the Hebrew people—B’nai Israel (the Sons of Israel).

Nothing But Ruach
My desire is to share with you what G-d has placed in my Ruach (Spirit) & to bring glory to my Adonai & Savior Y'shua (Jesus). This is not a business, but a witness! Be a witness by sharing your love of YHWH & Eretz Israel! Please E-mail Me! & let me know how I can be of service to you! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer you a 30 day money back guarantee!

Olim Publications
Olim Publications was founded in 1999 to publish the works of Bob Fischer and selected works of other Israeli authors. All of Bob's author proceeds as well as all publisher proceeds are contributed to the Olim Fund of the Land of Israel.

Olive Branch Ministries

100% Kosher Shofar direct from Israel with low Shofars pricing and fast USA shipping. With The Shofar Man, we have many different unique kinds of Shofar for sale, and when you buy a Shofar, there is no need to wait two or three weeks for your Rams Horn Shofar to be delivered. We normally ship your Jewish Shofar the same day, and can normally deliver your Jewish Shofar in three to five business days.

Shalom! Let us be your inspirational connection to Israel. The products from are “Made in Israel” and are the essence of Israel reflecting the land, the people, and the passion of the Holy Land. We invite you in to see the variety and quality of our products.

Torah Resource

Messianic Graphics & Apparel store! I am Rabbi Re'uel Dillon and am also the graphics designer for I am a Messianic Jew whom loves The God of Israel and His Son, Yeshua (Jesus) The Messiah. I have created these graphics to share that love. Messianic Graphics & Apparel assists you in expressing your faith in Yeshua, our Jewish Messiah, and The Word Of God. As you wear and use these products featured at the doubt people will ask you questions that will open the door to teach the Truth and the Good News.

Davidic Dance
In the Hebrew Scriptures a number of words are translated into ‘dance’. In Ecclesiastes 3:4 it states: ‘a time to mourn and a time to dance’. The word raw-kad′ (7540) means to leap or skip about. The word kaw-rar′ (3769), which literally means whirling, was used to describe King David’s dance as the Ark was being brought to Jerusalem.

Dreidel Maker
Every Dreidelmaker craft kit is carefully designed from the ground up to produce an object of Judaica that is real, permanent, usable, and beautiful, in the tradition of centuries of Jewish art, while leaving room for individual artistry and expression.

Jewish Crafts
We are proud to present an expanded craft line with lots of new and exciting projects geared to promote Jewish education, tradition, the learning of Torah, and doing one more mitzvah everyday, each project contains simplified step-by-step instructions and multipurpose materials such as pre-cut wood, craft board, and felt components reducing preparation time and guaranteeing a successful craft experience for every person, our wide variety of kits are sure to motivate all levels and are designed to instill confidence and promote a "Can-Do" Feeling with proud winning results every time.


Intercessors for Israel
Intercessors for Israel seeks to raise up a prayer army in and for Israel. Though we are burdened to teach about and stimulate prayer in the lives of individual believers and in local congregations, our primary calling is to intercede before God in behalf of the people and Land of Israel, and to do our part in the battle to prepare the way for the return of the Lord.

Kosher Casual - Modest Clothing for the Modern Lifestyle
Kosher Casual offers a range of high quality, competitively-priced, modern and modest clothing all m ad e in Israel . We manufacture goods mostly for women, teens, and girls. We have a huge selection of skirts as well as ¾ sleeve layering tops. We also offer some creative modest clothing accessory solutions as well such as our original Sleevies and TeeNecks.  

The Kef
The Israeli Keffiyeh, with its intricate Star of David pattern in the center piece, and words AM ISRAEL CHAI (Jewish People Live) in Hebrew weaved into its fabric, this scarf illustrates a divine promise that the Jewish people are eternal.

Jerusalem Perspective
Jerusalem Perspective is a unique, Jerusalem-based work dedicated to better understanding the words and deeds of Jesus of Nazareth. Jerusalem Perspective aims to present the life and teaching of Jesus in their original cultural and linguistic settings.

Traditions Jewish Gifts
We have been in the Judaica industry since 1991, satisfying hundreds of thousands of customers. Those of you who have been in our store, know we offer our customers one of the largest selections of Judaica anywhere in the world, at great prices!

Bible Land Shop 
Based in the Holy Land itself, Doko Media's on-line shop has been operating since 1997, distributing a wealth of high quality items with Christian and Jewish appeal and carrying specific reference to the history, religions, cultural, ethnic and social life of the people of this land.

JudaicaDirect is managed by Pe'er Hastam, an Israeli company established in 2003 for the manufacture, sales and marketing of Religious Articles, Judaica and Dead Sea Cosmetics. Our goal is to provide our customers worldwide with leading Judaica brand names in Israel. We offer only the highest quality products at the most attractive prices. We keep our prices low by shipping the products directly from Israel. 

Light of Zion Jewelry 
Each piece of Light of Zion Handcrafted Jewelry is made from fine quality silver and brilliant Swarovski crystal and is designed to reflect light and the Holy Scriptures of God. A verse is attached to each necklace which conveys the spiritual message of the piece.

Glorious Creations
The Lord has commissioned us to co-labor with him in the physical adorning and equipping of his bride with symbolic instruments of Praise,Worship and Intercession. I pray that as you explore our site the Lord will use its contents to ignite a fire beneath your feet and within your spirit!

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