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Ariel Ministries - San Antonio, Texas
Web site for Ariel Ministries, a Messianic Jewish organization dedicated to evangelism and discipleship of Jewish people and also Gentiles. The web site presents Dr. Fruchtenbaum's biography, an on-line catalog of our study materials, a Q&A section, a section with excerpts of Dr. Fruchtanbaum's teachings, and more.

Answers in Genesis Ministries International
To support the Church in fulfilling its commission. To bring reformation by restoring the foundations of our faith which are contained in the book of Genesis. To provide answers from Genesis to make Jesus Christ, our Creator and Redeemer, relevant to the Church and world today.

American Jewish Historical Society
The mission of the American Jewish Historical Society (AJHS) is to foster awareness and appreciation of the American Jewish past and to serve as a national scholarly resource for research through the collection, preservation and dissemination of materials relating to American Jewish history.

Artists For Israel International
You've heard of Rembrandt, Dostoevsky, Bach, Jonathan Swift, Thomas Gray, John Milton, and John Bunyan ... people who refused to bury precious talents. When you think of AFII, you must think of people digging to use their talents.

Online Academy teaching the original Bible Languages and more for English and Spanish speakers, worldwide. Run by an Israeli linguist.

Sounds of the Trumpet, Inc./Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies  
There is a growing awakening that we are living at a time when God is calling Christian believers to: 1) an awareness of the Jewish roots of their faith, 2) an understanding of authentic pre-Constantine New Testament Christianity, and 3) an active role in blessing the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

Simchat Torah Beit Midrash
A Ministry of Restoration! Are you searching for a better life?...Or perhaps wondering what life is all about?...Are you wondering who you are?...Or searching for your Hebrew Roots? Simchat Torah Beit Midrash (STBM) has a message of restoration that will change your life. Really. Shema Israel!

Biblical Language Center
Learning Biblical Hebrew in the Land of Israel and through books and CDs with living, natural language methodologies. Also with courses and material for learning Koine Greek in similar styles for internalization and acquisition of the ancient languages.

Hebraic Christian Global Community
Dedicated to research, development, and implementation of the church's Judaic heritage. We are committed to studying and promoting the Hebrew foundations of Christian faith and the profound implications that these historical and theological truths have for the church's life and renewal. 

Easy Hebrew™ Correspondence Course
Easy Hebrew™ was created specifically for you, the Christian who has longed to understand not only the Hebrew language, but also the mindset of the Bible and the people. With us you are spiritually enriched while learning this spiritual language.

F.L.A.M.E: Foundation for Leadership and Messianic Education  
To encourage and assist leader development and education among Messianic Jewish individuals and congregations. Such purposes are accomplished through the production of contextualized materials.

Jewish Roots Institute
Welcome to the most unique learning experience in Kansas City. This opportunity is for a student at any level interested in the study of Biblical culture, first century Judaism, and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. Study the Bible as it was given, set in the soil of the land of Israel and the Jewish people. Discover a depth of information seldom taught in churches, synagogues, Bible schools or seminaries. Our purpose is to rediscover the authentic background of scripture with greater understanding while also obtaining academic qualifications. We invite you to join us.

Nishmat: An Experience of Community
The Jerusalem Center for Advanced Jewish Study for Women

Messianic Jewish Bible Institute

Christ For The Nations
Sixty years young and Christ For The Nations is still about world missions. Founded in 1948 by my parents, Gordon and Freda, CFN continues to build churches (over 12,000 completed), provides free literature (over 100 million in 81 languages), and assists in relief efforts (disasters, orphanages, prisons, hospitals).

Torah Resource

ABOUT-Torah is an acronym for, Association of Believers Observing, Understanding and Teaching Torah. Our goal is to be a Torah Observant teaching institution, that is dedicated to train Messianic individuals in the spiritual importance of living a Torah observant life. We understand that to be spiritually complete followers of Yeshua, Messianic Jewish and Messianic non-Jewish individuals need to lead a life serving HaShem in Spirit and in Truth. Therefore it is essential that all believers need to embrace the Ruach HaKodesh and walk in obedience to the Torah. Only when this goal is accomplished can HaShem be worshiped the way that Yeshua commands in John 4:22-23 which states "you worship what you have not known; we worship what we have known, because the salvation is of the Jews; but, there cometh an hour, and it now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father also doth seek such to worship him;"

Jerusalem Online University
As a leading online portal for Jewish distance learning, offers stimulating college-accredited courses in an exciting and user-friendly forum. was created with a goal of educating individuals about the basics of Judaism, and has since evolved to offer courses on other contemporary issues, such as Positive Psychology and Judaism and Israel Inside/Out.

Calvery Messianic Congregation - Tulsa, Oklahoma 
We are a balanced Messianic Congregation with a heart for both the Jewish and non-Jewish people alike, and also people of all nations according to Isaiah 49:5-6. We celebrate the various feasts, the Shabbat and have a variety of other Christian Messianic services. Everyone is welcome to attend any of these services. 

International Bible University - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Programs for one, two and three year credentials in Spiritual and Ministerial Education & Training are offered as well as our outstanding BA, MA & Doctorate Degrees. 

Holy Language Institute
Hebrew Quest - a Biblical Hebrew course consisting of 40 Yeshua centered and highly practical video lessons - all for free!

Sukkat David Ministry
Sukkat David Ministry: a prophetic and apostolic ministry raised for the restoration of the Torah and the gathering of the Twelve Tribes in the Body of Messiah

Hebraic Roots Teaching Institute
Formal and Informal Online Distance Learning Studies for Qualifications

Yeshiva Torah Institute

Judaic Studies Institute
Schools / Yeshivas "The Judaic Studies Institute Learn From Us You can study with Judaic Studies Institute, a Distance Learning Institution, to earn a certificate or diploma, in the field of Yeshua based Judaic / Jewish Studies. You can study to receive Rabbinic Semicha (Ordination), or a Messianic Judaic / Jewish Education. We are currently working on adding more Messiah Yeshua based material to the courses. Judaic Studies Institute is a religious non-profit institution whose sole purpose is to train students in religious disciplines to prepare them to assume a vocational objective relating primarily to religion. You Can Earn a Certificate or Diploma as Follows: • Year 1 - Certificate in Introduction to Judaic Studies • Year 2 - Diploma in Advanced Studies in Judaic Studies • Year 3 - Diploma in Messianic Leadership in Judaic Studies • Year 4 - Rabbinical Training and Semicah (Ordination) if you are a Congregation leader  or plan on establishing a Congregation.  Additional requirements will apply. Check out our teachings and blog on-line at on the Teachings page and the UITAM link as well. We will be adding to the teachings and eventually will have audio teachings and video teachings on-line as well. Keep on checking back on the Judaic Studies Institute website. We have Seasoned Rabbis who serve as Instructors and Mentors to JSI Students: Rabbi Mordecai Silver Ph.D., CEO JSI Rabbi Philip Hammond Ph.D. President, Dean of Students JSI Rabbin Deborah Brandt B.Div Cum Laude, Student Advisor,  V.P.JSI Join us for your Yeshua-Torah based Judaic education. The only limits are the ones you place on yourself. For a Student Catalog please contact us: Contact Information: Website: Judaic Studies Institute PO Box 467 Organ, NM 88052 United States"

School of Messianic Theology Dallas,Texas
Schools / Yeshivas - SMT is one of the leading and honorable place where you can get an online theology study. School of Messianic Theology providing knowledge about Messianic Congregation to the people. Our website has a huge material about Jewish people and theology. It way for working professional and any person can grab the knowledge at his/her pace. Our website containing courses are based on low price and having great knowledge.

Colorado Springs Messianic Chavurah  
Schools / Yeshivas - Colorado Springs Messianic Chavurah is a small group of like-minded Jews and Christians who assemble for the purposes of facilitating Shabbat, Havdalah services, sharing communal experiences such as lifecycle events, or Jewish learning, and more.

Besorah Institute for Judaic-Christian Studies & Biblical Research   
Schools / Yeshivas - “The vision and mission of the Besorah Institute is to help increase understanding among the members of the Body of Christ (The Church) of their Jewish roots, to train individuals for lay ministry to share the Gospel message with non-believers from a Judaic-Christian perspective, and to add to the literature on Biblical research.”