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Under Aegean Moons: Music of the Spanish Jews of Rhodes and Salonika by Voice of the Turtle & Judith Wachs MP3

With their signature arrangements on more than 20 instruments, Voice of the Turtle explores the colorful and diverse songs of the Sephardic Jews of Salonika and Rhodes.

Or Chadash by Lev Shelo with Corry Bell MP3

Lev Shelo is back in the studio and Or Chadash is a pre-release of that project!  This haunting, yet exuberant piece echoes an ancient time with a performance by Yaron Cherniak of Israel on the tar.  Driving percussion, faint violin and Corry Bell's sultry vocals draw the listening audience into this passionate song about Adonai's "Light", the Light of Yeshua, shining in a dark world.  May we all be worthy of that Light!

"Retornando" Español Song Book
Mishkanim - We enjoy playing with other musicians from around the world, learning new languages, and eating great ethnic foods. We love to lend our gifts for the cause of the poor and the less fortunate. We have great fun together, and are grateful for a committed marriage relationship. We encourage people we meet, young and old, to seek the kingdom of Elohim and His righteousness, believing that all our needs of life will be met. We have not stored up treasures for ourselves on this earth, but seek to store Heavenly treasures- looking forward to the life that is to come.

Chants of Carmel
Christian, Music - Chants of Carmel showcases some of the best Gregorian Chant from around the world. You will find articles, reviews and history about Gregorian Chant. Come join us and explore the calm and peaceful world of chant music!

Next level Worship - Spirit Led Messianic Praise and Worship - Coon Rapids, MN
Worship - Next Level Worship, a Ruach HaKodesh led ministry team of Corner Fringe Ministries and friends, praises Yahweh with a diversity of music reflective of Yahweh’s people, including Messianic, Contemporary, Rock, Gospel and Hymns. Our mission is to declare the glory of Adonai.

Robert Randall
A follower of The Way.  Redefining the 21st century musician by spanning multiple genres to appeal to a variety of musical tastes

Lev Shelo  
Music - "Lev Shelo, lead by worship leader, Corry Bell, has been ministering to Messianic Jewish and Christian congregations since 2005.  Their emphasis in the Body of Messiah is to maintain an authentically Jewish perspective and approach to praise and worship music while conveying the heart of the Father through a modern and relevant musical style. They encourage Christians to learn about their Messianic Jewish counterparts and to have a greater understanding of the “Jewish roots” of their own faith.  They also reach out to the greater Jewish community with music that is familiar and palatable to Jewish ears while presenting the Good News of Yeshua in a bold and truthful way. Their aim is to minister healing and shalom with God’s love and to ultimately help bring about the reconciliation of the Jewish people to their messiah, Yeshua.  Their music is uplifting, celebratory, reflective and meaningful, often addressing common issues of life.

Bought With A Price Music  
Musicstore - Listen and Purchase Christian/Messianic Music

Musicstore - Music made without the influence of drugs, alcohol, or greed. Music you can think to.

Dawn Hagedorn  
Musicstore - Narrated Healing & Praise Scriptures from a Hebraic perspective with His name restored to the scriptures set to Inspirational background music.  A great faith building tool to listen to any time or a great gift for those going through a time of trial or sickness.  Free MP3 download or purchase a very low priced physical CD.

Meaningful Worship  
Musicstore - Messianic/christian music. Album "Adonai" is available in amazon, cdbaby, spotify and itunes. Check it out!

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