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Audio Commercial Promo/Ad

The Messianic community is growing at an alarming rate and LAMB Radio™

is now reaching an audience far beyond and outside the Messianic lifestyle.

Thank you for your consideration in advertising with us.

We pray that the God of Avraham, Yitzak and Yaacov richly bless you in all your endeavors.

How LAMB Radio ‘Commercial Promo Spots’ work:

If you have a:

- Business

- Marketplace

- Service

- Website

You (the sponsor) may advertise your promo to be played on LAMB Radio.

Your commercial promo stands out. Unlike other stations, where grouping many sponsors (promos) together is standard practice, LAMB has only one sponsor (promo) per break.

LAMB Radio averages 55,000 listeners per month

- according to our ‘Music Licensing Reports’

Your Promo/Advertisement can be aired (5) times a day except Sabbath

- during normal ‘Music’ play times (see ‘Daily Schedule’ here)

- An average total of (120) spots a month

(based on 6 days in a week X 4 weeks in a month X 5 promos a day = 120)

- @ $65 per month

- a total of $.54 per promo aired

- 3 months minimum

Recorded by:

- you (the sponsor)

- or LAMB Radio representative

- non-musical promo

- $15 each

- musical (music added in background) promo

- $30 each

Duration of recorded promo:

- not to exceed (1) minute

Duration of contract:

- three months minimum

- no limits after the first month

- cancel any time with no pro-rating charge-back per days within a month

For more information email us here.

 LAMB Radio