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Delitzsch's Hebrew New Testament
Online version of the Hebrew New Testament translated by Professor Franz Delitzsch (1813-1890).

Institute for Scripture Research
In 1994 the Institute published the first edition of The Scriptures. This translation of the Hebrew and Messianic Scriptures was a major achievement. The Scriptures was the first English translation of the complete Bible which re-arranged the books of the Tanakh according to its original Hebrew division.

Aderet Zion
Aderet Zion expresses our desire unto YHWH our Father according to haMashiyach, to live for Him. As we grow together our foremost goal is apply the revelation of Mashiyach and Torah to our Hearts.

Aramaic & English New Testament
The Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) contains Matthew to Revelation with the Aramaic text featured on the right page and English translation on the left. The AENT contains over 1700 footnotes and 350 pages of appendixes explaining elements of the Aramaic that have never before been translated into English. Aramaic poetry is featured and explained in such a way that English readers can now examine the writing styles of each author, what they said and how they said it clarifies a much deeper understanding of each verse.  

Halleluyah Scriptures
REE Restored Name Scriptures, Messianic Bible

The Book of God
ebsite for the author of the New Messianic Version of the Bible

John 2:1 "And on a Tuesday a wedding took place...." Since "on the third day" (the literal Greek translated from the Hebrew) does not make sense, we translated it according to our Jewish culture, "on the third day/be yom shlishih/on a Tuesday." John. 2:4: "What have you and I (to do with this), woman?" "Mah li ve lach?" ("What I and you?") This is an obvious Hebraism. In what other language can you say that much with only four words? There are hundreds and hundreds of Hebraisms like these from every book in the Brit Khadasha listed verse by verse in this new book.

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