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Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey

Hebrew: Beginning Your Journey is a wonderful, eye-pleasing way to study Hebrew!
Written by Mary A. Merritt, and edited by Dr. D. Michael Michael, this book is great for individual study, Messianic schools, or home schools. The whole family will enjoy reading words with pronunciation guides and explanations, taking quizzes, and writing Hebrew letters on the practice pages. You will add to your vocabulary as you make an abecedary, speak modern greetings in Hebrew, study verbs and their three-letter roots, discover gems in Hebrew Scripture passages, and more. Start your journey today!

Allon Ministries
Allon Ministries is dedicated to teaching the Bible from its hebraic and historical roots. Learn the Hebrew alphabet for free.  This is the first and most important step in learning to translate and understand the Bible.  If you have a high-speed connection, you can learn it on-line.  If not, you can download our program and install it on your home computer.  The download is very slow but it is worth the wait!

Unforgettable Languages
The language courses that teach you how to remember what you have learned.

Simchat Torah Beit Midrash
A Ministry of Restoration! Are you searching for a better life?...Or perhaps wondering what life is all about?...Are you wondering who you are?...Or searching for your Hebrew Roots? Simchat Torah Beit Midrash (STBM) has a message of restoration that will change your life. Really. Shema Israel!

Biblical Hebrew
We offer courses and resources for studying the biblical Hebrew language and world view. Materials are available on tape, cdrom, flash card, printed texts and online. We have students on 5 continents and offer email and postal tutoring. We also publish "Roots & Branches" the Hebraic & Judaic theological Journal.

Biblical Language Center
Learning Biblical Hebrew in the Land of Israel and through books and CDs with living, natural language methodologies. Also with courses and material for learning Koine Greek in similar styles for internalization and acquisition of the ancient languages.

The Rosetta Stone
Language-Learning Success that Speaks for Itself!

Hebrew for Christians
Learn Hebrew for FREE. Learn Biblical Hebrew Grammar and the Hebraic mindset of the Bible. Learn the Hebrew Names of God. Gain powerful insights into your Christian faith! An online course with exercises, vocabulary, charts, and much more.

Hebrew for ME
Java applets for Hebrew vocabulary from ZigZag, Inc. developers of interactive technologies for online learning

Learning Hebrew in Jerusalem Ulpan
Foner Books - The Serial Tourist's Guide to Jerusalem

Lev Software
Raising the Level of Hebrew Literacy Around the World

A Jewish children's learning network.

Behrman House
Today, Louis' grandson David heads Behrman House, and the company continues to be recognized for its distinguished Jewish educational materials used in schools throughout North America and in English-speaking countries around the world.

Learn Biblical Hebrew
Understand what Yeshua (Jesus) taught in the Holy tongue. Learn the Hebrew language to better understand your ancient Judeo-Christian roots. Learn the basics of the language of the Bible, the essence of Israel and feel the deep power of the Holy tongue with the world's top selection of tutorials, music CD and videos.  

Holy Language Institute
Holy Language Institute was founded on June 18, 2009 by Yisrael Avraham, a Messianic Jew with a rich connection to the soul of Biblical Hebrew and years of experience introducing believers to the beauties of the original tongue of the Holy Scriptures.

Regathering the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel
I have created this website to inform people about the raising up of the 10 lost tribes of the House of Israel. This is not to be confused with the return of the Jews (House of Judah) to the Land of Israel, which is of huge prophetic significance also. The return of the 10 lost tribes of the 'House of Israel' follows the return of the 'House of Judah' (Jews). The Jews have been returning over the last 100 years. Now the lost tribes are beginning to awaken and they will return in like manner, with fury poured out.

Illuminating Online
A growing Online Book and Media Product Store containing some of the BEST Illustrated Children's and Kid's Books: Themes are Christian, Messianic, Fictitious; Uniquely Illustrated Cartoon Bibles; Christian Devotionals; Suspense Fiction Novels; and the BEST of POP, R&B, Ballads, and Christian and Inspirational Music.

Alef Press Biblical Hebrew Homeschool Curriculum
Alef Press Biblical Hebrew homeschool curriculum: with reverence for God's Word, creative exercises, and a dash of fun, Alef Press unrolls the scroll for Christian and Messianic families to hear God speak, gain lifelong Bible study tools, and earn high school foreign language credits in classical Hebrew. Discover our books, music, and DVDs at! -

RESTORING THE NAME AND REPUTATION OF THE JEWISH MESSIAH. LEARN HIS HEBREW NAME. Rebecca Hazelton, who has lived in Israel, will take you on a spiritual archeological excavation to uncover what has gotten lost in translation, in transliteration, and in tradition over the centuries from the richness and depth of our Savior's Name.  if you love to dig into the Scriptures, do research to find original meanings of Hebrew words, and to learn how history affects our beliefs and understanding today, then you will love where this study takes you.

Torah in My Heart
Learning Hebrew - Join Peter and Kellan in learning Hebrew for FREE! An introductory “How to Read Hebrew” video explains the basics. Weekly glimpses into the Torah portion offer tips and insights for reading Hebrew. This method is to encourage you to read the Hebrew Bible on your own. It will make your head overheat, but it works. And it’s worth the effort.

Learning Hebrew