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Or HaOlam Messianic Congregation - Overland Park, KS
Or HaOlam is part of a world-wide movement of Messianic congregations of Jews and people from all ethnic groups, who worship Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah in the context of Jewish lifestyle and identity. This is in accordance with the ancient promise of the Psalms [147:2-3] that "Adonai is rebuilding Yerushalayim, gathering the dispersed of Israel. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Come and join us, and share in God's rich nourishment of His own special "tree of Life." Romans 11.17

Adat Yeshua Messianic Jewish Congregation - Overland Park, KS
At Adat Yeshua, we are a congregation of Jewish and non Jewish people who believe and have experienced Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah, the promised Holy One of Israel as the prophets foretold. As a worshipping community, we continue to express ourselves in continuity with our Jewish heritage, lifestyle and calling.  

Remnant of Israel Messianic Synagogue - Wichita, KS
As a Messianic Synagogue, we seek to put the Messiah back within His biblical and Jewish context. Messianic Judaism is a spiritual revival, a return to the faith as the Messianic believers had in the first-century, unencumbered by the traditions of man.  

No Website Congregation
Beth'El B'Y'shua Messianic Synagogue - Wichita, KS
M,  Congregation - No Website - Messianic Rabbi J'hudah ben Levi - (316) 524-9014  

No Website Congregation
Vernon and Rosemary Norton - Ulysses, Kansas
M,  Congregation - No Website - Home study group in rural Kansas. So far two members. Contact:  

Mercy Seat Ministries - Wichita, KS 
We are a Biblically-centered and Messiah-focused congregation of believers in the Wichita, KS area. We do not seek denominational status but realize YHWH's children are a scattered remnant around the globe who keep the Commandments of YHWH and have the testimony of Y'shua the Messiah. We believe YHWH's people, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, encompasses what the Bible calls Israel no matter where they reside. We do not align ourselves with man-made doctrine or church-related theology, but only desire to learn and obey the instructions(Torah) from the Scriptures.
We believe Y'shua the Messiah is our Savior who purchased us with His own blood by dying for our sins and knowing He is the way, the truth, and the life. We seek to worship the one true YHWH of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in spirit and in truth in accordance with the written Word of YHWH.

No Website Congregation
Messianic Torah Study Group - Minneapolis, Ks.
We are a small group in a rural area that meets for Torah study on Sabbath and to celebrate the Feasts together.

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