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ISRAEL21c - Beyond the Conflict
ISRAEL21c’s mission is to focus media and public attention on the 21st century Israel that exists beyond the conflict. By highlighting, emphasizing, and promoting positive images of Israel and Israelis, people will come to view Israelis as more like themselves and understand the relevance of Israel to their own lives. ISRAEL21c’s operations are focused on the development and dissemination of content that is used to advance the mission. The outcome of this process is increased support for Israel during difficult times and a greater appreciation of the role that Israel has in the lives of people the world over.

Ha Yovel
God’s deep unfailing love for Israel is well documented in His Word. God speaks through Isaiah with great emotion, “Can a mother forget (or replace) the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.”

The Land of Israel
Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel, soldier and commander in the IDF reserves, are the founders of and the creators and hosts of “Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem”.

Facts of Israel
Facts Of Israel covers the basic facts on the State of Israel and the Middle East. This includes Maps, the History of the region, Statistics, and more. We also post articles related to the Victims of Palestinian Terrorism, Anti-Semitism, Jewish History, and also a bit of Humor, News and Opinions.

ELAL Israeli Airliner
EL AL: Established in 1948 as the national Israel Airlines. We have grown into a prestigious international carrier.

Toward Jerusalem Council II
As Gentiles are saved, it somehow provokes Jews to jealousy and leads to their salvation. And as Jews are saved, it eventually means “life from the dead.” In other words, when the Jewish people turn to the Lord, the resurrection will occur.

Succot Celebration in Israel
Of the three pilgrim feasts, Tabernacles (Succot) was the longest and one of the most joyful celebrations of the biblical calendar. This was a celebration of gratitude and praise to God for the harvest. In fact, so prophetic and significant is this final feast, that during the Kingdom Age, all the nations will join in this annual celebration.

Blue and White Kids
Blue and White Kids is an Israeli company, which offers you an additional way to teach your children, students, and campers love and support for Israel. Blue and White Kids manufactures clothing for schools, camps, and youth groups all made in Israel. We make a wide variety of clothing to meet your spirit wear or promotional needs - T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, skirts, shorts, blankets and more- solid, printed or embroidered - as you need it.

Conservative Friends of Israel
“The Conservative Party is a true friend of Israel because we look at Israel and we see a democracy, we see a democracy that has a right to exist and a right to defend itself and that is a force for good in the world, and I want to say that as clearly as I possibly can.” Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Leader of the Conservative Party, Conservative Party Conference, 3 October 2006

Hotel Gilgal
Hotel Gilgal is situated on a quiet street in the center of Tel Aviv and offers modern, contemporary accommodation. This makes it ideal for the business and leisure traveller. The hotel is located 100 meters from the Mediterranean Sea, the Tel Aviv beach promenade and in the vicinity of the shopping district, well known restaurants and popular bars.

Connections Israel
Connections Israel was founded in 1998 as an independent, educational, not-for-profit organization that strengthens Jewish identity while unifying the Jewish People. We provide educational hands on projects to Jewish communities, schools, synagogues and camps around the world that enable participants to show support for various populations and places in Israel.

Friends of Itamar
The establishment of the Friends of Itamar came about as a necessary response to terror attacks perpetrated within or nearby the community. Itamar has suffered more loss and bereavement than any other community in Israel. Half of those murdered were young teenagers and children. It is not an exaggeration to say that there is not one resident of Itamar that has not been affected by these horrific tragedies directly or indirectly. Our goal is to support community projects that will help in overcoming trauma and aid in the continual growth of the community. Over the last decade all government funds allocated to our area have virtually been cut off. Israel faces many issues today. Funding for projects must rely on charitable sources.

Israel Music: Messianic
Israeli & Jewish Music, DVD Movies & Films

The Red Square Moscow With IDF Band

Jerusalem Shots
Jerusalem Shots is an archive of exceptional Jerusalem photos. We hope Jerusalem Shots will bring tourists to our city and enable people that lived here wander familiar streets once again. 

Beit Yosef Guest House - Karnei Shomron Israel
Hebraic Restoration Bible Learning School, Private Guest House, Tours of Samaria, Israel, the original heartland of the Bible - presented right from the Shomron in Israel 

9/11 "Living Memorial" in the Jerusalem Forest Hills Dedicated

Beit Hatfutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People
This unique global institution tells the ongoing and extraordinary story of the Jewish people. Beit Hatfutsot connects Jewish people to their roots and strengthens their personal and collective Jewish identity. Beit Hatfutsot conveys to the world the fascinating narrative of the Jewish people and the transcending essence of the Jewish culture, faith, purpose and deed while presenting the contribution of world Jewry to humanity.

Sukkat David Ministry
Sukkat David Ministry: a prophetic and apostolic ministry raised for the restoration of the Torah and the gathering of the Twelve Tribes in the Body of Messiah

To The Ends Of The Earth--Teaching the Jewish Roots of Christianity
Insights from Israel into the Bible, Jesus the Messiah,
and the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith.
WE uphold the New Testament Beliefs about Yeshau as Messiah. We state clearly the Old and New Testaments as the Scriptures for Israel today and the future. We are in Hebrew but may offer english.

Simply Israel
Books and Gifts from Israel including the bestselling cookbook,"Simply Israel", the children's activity book "Fun in Israel", handmade Jewelry, greeting cards, gold plated bookmarks, calendars and much more.

HolyLand Information
Israel - Everything about Israel, Holy Land: news from Israel, travel in Israel, Christian places in Israel, a lot of photos from Israel

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