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Shalom Scripture Studies - Savannah, GA
Bookstores, Congregations, Teaching - We are a Hebrew-Christian Bible Fellowship with three primary goals: 1) To PROCLAIM the Word of GOD/2) To PRESENT Y'shua (Jesus) as LORD/3) To PROMOTE love for Israel (the Jewish People)

Congregation Beth Adonai - Atlanta/Dekalb, GA

Congregation Beth Ha'Mashiach - Atlanta, Georgia
While stripping back centuries of cultural misinterpretations, Lancaster reveals the historical, Jewish Messiah in vivid new strokes and colors that fire the heart and deepen devotion to Him. King of the Jews digs into the history and literature of early Judaism to demonstrate the authenticity of the Gospels and to dispel today’s errant re-interpretations of Yeshua.

Congregation Beth Shalom - Augusta, Ga
Congregation Beth Shalom is a Messianic Jewish Congregation and is different from any synagogue (Conservative, Reform, Orthodox, etc.) you've experienced before. Our services, modeled after historic temple principles and the Davidic worship pattern, integrate Jewish customs and traditions with faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah. The Jewish traditions and customs integrated into the worship experience add a critical depth of meaning to faith in Yeshua. Just as faith in Yeshua fulfills the prophetic symbolism of Jewish traditions, customs, festivals and holidays, embracing the Jewish roots of our faith deepens your relationship with -- and understanding of -- the Jewish Messiah to the world.

Ruach Torah Beit Midrash - Lawrenceville, GA
Establishing a Messianic mandate for the 21st century, by restoring the Bet Midrash to the body of Messiah. (Acts 3:19) Teaching the Messianic faith according to the Torah, which brings a light of revelation to the gentiles and the glory of thy people Israel. (Isaiah49: 6) Studying the teachings of the fathers so that the body of Messiah can contend earnestly for the faith. (Jude 1:3)

Beth Hallel - Roswell, GA
Messianic (Biblical) Judaism is over 2,000 years old. But from 70 BCE when the second temple was destroyed until 1967, there were no synagogues in which Messianic Jews could worship the Messiah and maintain their Jewish roots, heritage and culture. After the Six-Day War, Messianic synagogues began appearing throughout the world, including Israel.

Beit Shalom - Thomasville, GA
Our Beginning Beit Shalom Messianic Synagogue began as a home fellowship group at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ackerman in Thomasville, Georgia in 1998. The congregation began as a group of like-minded Jewish and Gentile believers who met bi-monthly for Shabbat (Sabbath) evening dinners and services and occasionally for biblical holidays and teaching classes. As the fellowship grew, the vision grew, and the Ackerman's home was no longer sufficient for the number of regular attendants, so the congregation moved into its own store-front synagogue on Smith Avenue.

Promised Land Messianic Fellowship - Athens, Ga
Messianic fellowship is a community of people, born into different cultures and faiths, united as believers in Yeshua the Messiah. He was sent by the one true G-d to reconcile people to Himself. We choose the Hebrew words for the familiar names of Jesus (Yeshua) and Christ (Messiah) in acknowledgement of the Hebrew roots of our faith as detailed in the TaNaKh (the Torah, Prophets and Writings, together commonly referred to as the Old Testament) and the New Testament.

Congregation Beth Yeshua - Macon Georgia

Kehilat Emet - Columbus, Ga
We are a Messianic congregation of both Jews and Gentiles who come together each Erev Shabbat to worship in spirit and truth. We uphold the observance of the Sabbath, as well as Biblical feasts and holidays. Our congregation also welcomes all Believers who want to learn more about their Jewish roots.

The Logos Fellowship - Conyers, GA
We are a HOUSE OF STUDY. We seek to study, learn and restore as much as possible the original message of Jesus given to to the first century Jewish and non-Jewish Believers in Yeshua/JESUS as MESSIAH.

Nachamu Ami Messianic Synagogue - Macon, Georgia
We are a Messianic Jewish Synagogue in Macon Georgia made up of Jew and Non-Jew who love Messiah Yeshua. We are lovers and supporters of Israel(the land and the people). We teach Jewish roots of Christianity classes and offer Shabbat school, Women's and Men's groups etc...

Beth T'Filah Ve Shalom - Cleveland, GA
Beth-Shalom is a Jewish/Hebraic Congregation. In studying the Jewish perspective, the plan of Redemption is completely revealed in the Torah. The Christian Church owes it's existence to the Hebrew Messiah, Yeshua(Jesus). It's roots are in the promise that God gave Avraham Avinu (Father Abraham), "And by you all families of the earth shall be blessed" (Genesis 12:3).

Messianic Torah Study Group of Columbus GA   
Congregations - "The Messianic Torah Study Group of Columbus GA is a weekly study group at 7:00 each Friday evening.  We have been organized for over 7 years meeting to learn and discuss the entire bible beginning with the Torah cycle followed by a study in the remainder of the bible including the New Testament writings.  In addition, we celebrate the required feast cycle each year.  
Come join us by calling Loye Cole at 706-761-7662 for location.  Dress is very casual and refreshments are offered.