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Apple of His Eye
COURAGEOUSLY declaring Y'shua as the Messiah, URGENTLY equipping Believers in Jesus to do the same!

Answers in Genesis Ministries International
To support the Church in fulfilling its commission. To bring reformation by restoring the foundations of our faith which are contained in the book of Genesis. To provide answers from Genesis to make Jesus Christ, our Creator and Redeemer, relevant to the Church and world today.

According To Prophecy Ministries
Committed to providing sound and balanced teaching in God's prophetic word to the Body of Christ through Bible Conferences in local churches, printed media, Television, Radio, and now the INTERNET. Our message is to focus men and women on the Blessed Hope of Jesus Christ and His imminent return.

Arab World Ministries
Our purpose is the same it has been since we began more than one hundred years ago–to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to Muslims of the Arab World. Our focus is pretty specific. We do one thing, and we've been doing it a long time. Arab ministry. We are interested in bringing Arab Muslims to Jesus wherever they are found. We need you to help us express faith through love for Muslims.

Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry
Our sincere desire is for all Arabic speaking people on the Internet to be introduced to God's eternal plan for men's salvation through Jesus Christ the Messiah. May the Lord God bless you and guide you through our pages.

A Mighty Wind Ruach ha Kodesh wildfire ministries
Jewish ministry that stresses the importance of studying the Torah and Tanackh as well as the new testement.Shabbat remembrance and observance is essential as well as keeping the Holy Feasts. A prophetic evangelistic ministry Praying for the peace of Jerusalem and loving Israel.

Bible Revelations
BIBLE REVELATIONS is a non-proselytizing Messianic Web Site which is NOT directed at Jews - but at Zionist Christians, to proclaim Judaism as the One Only True Faith under Rabbinic authority to them.

Jews for Jesus - Australia
Jews for Jesus Australia site with sermons and articles, features significant activities of Messianic Jews in Australia and prayer points.

Yeshua's Ministry
We have 1800+ hundred pages branching from here!

Yeshua Connection
Oye? You haven't visited us? A great site to share with your Jewish friends and you haven't been there? Click and learn. Then you can call yourself a friend! Shalom!

What made the difference?
Gerry Cohen-Stone

Voice in the Wilderness
This site is dedicated to the glory of God and His Messiah Jesus, and to the preaching of the Gospel and the salvation of Israel.

An anti-missinary site by Jewish students.

Trumpet of Salvation to Israel
Jacob Damkani, a native Israeli, came to faith in his Jewish Messiah Yeshua in 1977. He understood immediately that his people Israel needs to know Him too in order to be saved and find peace. Since 1981 he is preaching the Good News on the streets of Israel. Many people in Trumpet of Salvation to Israel have learned and put into practice Jewish evangelism. Come and understand how to bring the Jewish Gospel to the Jewish people in a Jewish way, as the Gospel is " the Jew first!"

Son of David Congregation
By presenting the Gospel in a culturally Jewish context, we seek to reach Jewish friends, relatives, and acquaintances with the message of salvation. (Romans 1:16; I Corinthians 9:19-20)

Shalach Ministries
An internet ministry focusing on teaching all Jews in the State of Israel the urgent need of accepting Yeshua as their personal Lord and Savior.

Rebecca at the Well Foundation
We are a non-profit Judeo-Christian organization devoted to preparing the Bride for the Messiah's return.  We offer books, teaching tapes and resources, building a bridge between Judaism and Christianity.  By understanding of the Hebrew roots of our faith, we lead believers into a deeper walk and intimacy with the Messiah.  Anointing oils available, wailing wall prayer link.

The Christian Jew Foundation 
Our first goal is to reach Jewish people with the Gospel of Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus the Messiah. Like Paul, we want to proclaim the Good News that God has fulfilled the promise He made to the Fathers: The Messiah has come (Acts 13:14-39)!

CHAIM - Glenside, PA
The Jewish salutation L'CHAIM means "To Life!" CHAIM means LIFE in Hebrew, and stands for "CHristians Announcing Israel's Messiah". (Pronounce it with a guttural "h". It rhymes with "ti-ime") We promote the gospel among the Jewish people through direct evangelism, motivating and equipping churches, and discipling Jewish believers. It is our desire to help rebuild the Reformed witness to the Jewish people in the USA.

Celebrate Messiah Australia - Victoria, Australia
Browse our site for messianic resources, evangelistic aids, testimonies, news and events, and information on our messianic congregations.

Christian Witness to Israel
A UK-based interdenominational evangelistic society committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus the Messiah with the Jewish people.

Friends of Russian Jewry
An evangelical ministry committed to building bridges of understanding between Jewish and Christian communities.

Fuller Theological Seminary
An evangelical center of faith and learning where people study God's work and pursue His calling in their lives.

I want to see what God sees. I want to feel what He really feels. I want to be what He'd have me to be in this desperate hour, O Lord, make it so by Your holy power. Make it so.

The Holy Land Experience
A remarkable "living museum" that will immerse guests in the world of biblical Jerusalem.

Preparing The Way Ministries
Dedicated to prophesying Kingdom order and revealing the destiny and purpose of Hebrew Israelites in Christ - YHWH's end-time strategy for bringing an authentic unity to the holy nation.

International Board of Jewish Missions, Inc.
IBJM is your complete resource for sharing the Messiah with Jewish people worldwide.

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Founded in 1965, the Israel Museum today has, in a relatively short time, achieved world class status with collections ranging from prehistoric archaeology through contemporary art and with a dynamic roster of temporary exhibitions, publications, and educational activities. It is the leading cultural institution in Israel and is one of the largest encyclopedic museums in the world.

Israel's Hope
Israel's Hope, Inc. under the descriptive name of Lamplight Studies, offers answers from the Scriptures. We provide FREE Bible correspondence courses seeking to enlighten men and women to the truth of who God is and what He has done for us. Over 45,000 people have studied the Scriptures with us. 

Jews For Jesus  
"We exist to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people world-wide."  Topical library, publications archive,  Jewish apologetics, multimedia, searchable speakers' schedule, bookstore, opportunities to serve, message boards, chat room.

New Covenant Church of God
No-nonsense, Honest, Direct, Prophetic, Apostolic, Priesthood of All Believers (Men and Women) Post-Trib, Sabbatarian, Messianic-Israelite, Patriarchal, Evangelical, Received Text, Johannine Tradition & Communion, End-Time Gatherers, New Birth, Holiness, Restorationist, New Covenant Torah, Non-Charismatic, Sola Scriptura

Messiah Revealed
Messiah Revealed lists over 300 messianic prophecies from the Holy Scriptures that were fulfilled by Jesus at His first coming. Organized by book and category. Online searchable KJV Bible included."

Morning Star Publications and Ministries
Rick Joyner/The goal of our instruction is love, from a pure heart and a sincere faith

Light of Life
Investigate Islam from a Christian point of view!

Luz World Evangelism
Bringing the gospel of Yeshua Hamashiach to the world. Two Messianic praise and worship CDs in Hebrew, Spanish, English. Second CD in Spanish with Live Revival Concert in Colombia. Song writer/recording artist Luz Goldhagen

Christ For The Nations
Sixty years young and Christ For The Nations is still about world missions. Founded in 1948 by my parents, Gordon and Freda, CFN continues to build churches (over 12,000 completed), provides free literature (over 100 million in 81 languages), and assists in relief efforts (disasters, orphanages, prisons, hospitals).

Messianic Bible
The Jewish people (the People of the Book) gave the world the BIBLE.

Rosh Pinah Congregation - Bath, OH
Rosh Pinah seeks to encourage the spiritual growth of believers by teaching both the Torah and Brit Chadasha (New Testament). Rosh Pinah Congregation was started as a home ministry in 1992. We began with the combined goal of introducing the Christian community to the Jewish roots of their faith, as well as teaching the fulfillment of the Mashiach’s (Messiah’s) return to the house of Israel. Today, the ministry is a diverse grouping of both Jews and former Gentiles that have the desire to worship Yeshua, our Mashiach, through observing Jewish biblical tradition and keeping the Shabbat. Over the years, the L-rd has shaped our congregation’s mission and vision; we have been blessed to be able to purchase land so that on November 6, 2004 the construction of our Temple was complete and we moved into our building. 

The Latter House - Northern, Michigan 
The Latter House Ministry is a Messianic community of believers that meet together in Home Group settings, with the emphasis on returning to the Hebrew Roots of Christianity. Small groups promote fellowship, accountability, and training, as well as equipping the saints for the work of their ministry. Ephesians 4:12 "For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of the Messiah:" We are here to serve the body of Messiah Yeshua.

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