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These alephbeitical listings are NOT in any alephbeitical order. 
They are in constant upkeep by hand and cannot be kept in any kind of order.  If you know of a site that is not listed, please use the  'Submit a Site' page, and we will list it after the one that came in before it. 
Keep them coming in and we will keep them listed! 
M-Messianic Site / J-Jewish Site / C-Christian Site

B'rit Hadasha - Memphis, TN
Congregations, Teaching - We exist to bring glory and honor to G-d and to lift up the name of His Son, Yeshua.

Yeshuat Yisrael - Nashville, Tennesee
Congregations, Festivals of Adonai, Prayer, Teaching, Torah - Congregation Yeshuat Yisrael was established in Nashville, in 1993; as a place where Messianic Jews can come together to embrace their cultural and spiritual heritage while growing in their faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as the promised Messiah. Non-Jewish Believers who have a genuine love and appreciation for the nation of Israel, and who wish to practice a Messianic Jewish lifestyle are equally welcome.

One In Messiah - Nashville, TN
M,  Congregations - We are One in Messiah Congregation. We are part of the Israel of God.
We are connecting people around the world for true fellowship in Messiah. Let us know where you live, perhaps we know people there so you can fellowship with them. We desire to have a One in Messiah Congregation all around the world so people can fellowship in Messiah Yeshua.

Shomair Yisrael Messianic Fellowship - Knoxville, Tennessee
M, Congregations, Music, Torah - Beth Shomair is a Messianic fellowship that meets weekly for Torah study, praise, worship, fellowship and Oneg. Visitors are welcome!

AmEchadjc - Johnson City TN
M - Congregations - We are a Torah observant group of believers in Messiah Yeshua. We meet each Shabbat at 10:30AM at 140 W Market St Johnson City, TN 37604 for Shabbat service and Torah study. Come join us! 

Kol Dodi - Nashville, Tn
M,  Congregations, Timeline/History - Kol Dodi, Hebrew for "voice of my beloved," is taken from Shir ha-Shirim (Song of Songs) 2:8. We are a messianic congregation in the Nashville area. A home for Jewish believers to become grounded and grow in their faith in Yeshua (Jesus), for non-Jewish believers to recapture the roots of their faith and for inter-faith families to raise their children with a Biblical Jewish heritage.

Alef - Tav Messianic Fellowship - Memphis, TN
M,  Congregations - We Believe...that the Scriptures (Tenakh and Brit Hadasha) are the infallible, inerrant Word of YHVH. ...that YHVH is one, and is expressly manifested in numberless ways, and that all these ways are the one True YHVH (Deut. 6:4). ...that Yeshua haMashiach is the Word of YHVH manifested in the flesh, that salvation is by grace through faith, and that only by the shedding of innocent blood is there remission of sins. The law has never redeemed, only YHVH's grace.

LAMB Fellowship - Lebanon, Tennessee
M,  Bookstores, Congregations, Shopping - LAMB (Lighthouse Assembly of Messianic Believers) Fellowship began as a small home group in 1994. Over the years, this small group grew and encompassed several home fellowships. This growth resulted in the congregation that we have today. Fueled by our desire to teach Biblical truth and meet the needs of those who have committed to walking with us, we continue to grow, both in the number of members and in the strength of our unity.

Christian Sabbath Assembly - Dyersburg, Tennessee
M,  Congregations, Teaching/Articles, Torah - The messianic group in Northwest Tennessee. We have service every Sabbath at 10:00 AM CST. Torah Study at 10AM, Worship service at 11AM. We have hundreds of teachings streaming online.

Beit Israel Hebraic Community - Chattanooga, TN
M, Congregations


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