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Remnant Remedy is a ministry first with an aim to help educate and restore the Biblical PURPOSE and NEED for the BRIDE to PREPARE herself for her BRIDEGROOM spiritually and physically by rediscovering the LOST TREASURES of ISRAEL including essential oils (SHeMeN) and linen (SHaySH). Remnant Remedy is born out of the miraculous work that YHWH has done and is doing in the lives of Nitza Moshe and her family. Its purpose is to provide Scriptural and ToRaH observant information and affordable QUALITY remedies for the Bride of Israel. One of our main goals is to live and learn how to practically “come out of her” and apply spiritual and physical remedies to our daily lives.

Ahavat Israel

Beyond all of the differences that stand between us, we are all the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We are all one family, with one land, and one destiny. is a participant in the affiliate programs including the ads you see on the sidebars and the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I only give honest reviews of products I use and think highly enough to promote.

Kelly’s Treasure - Outward expressions of inward convictions are what Kelly's Treasure offers. We at Kelly's Treasure bring you unique, beautiful products to encourage and bless you or to help you find a "just right" gift for that special person in your life. Our products are of the finest quality and workmanship meeting our goal of beautiful, quality pieces for a fair price. Some we make; some we don't. (It's always great when someone else does the work!) We do not mark up the prices to then discount them. You are invited to experience a safe, relaxing shopping experience. Please feel free to shop in your pj's. We will send you top quality items while treating you like family. Your happiness is our goal. We may even become your best'est friend.

Zipporah's Thimble- Set Apart Garments & Accessories

Custom tallit and tallit katan-Set Apart garments of righteousness. Offering affordable tallits and modest apparel for men and women. Design your own tallit or tallit katan at an affordable price within your budget.

Sacred Symbols offers “unique” creations of inspirational Jewelry including assorted designs of Christian jewelry, Interfaith jewelry, Messianic jewelry, & Jewish jewelry, (a wide variety of Stars of David and more); that touch the heart and inspire conversation. At Sacred Symbols, we absolutely stand behind the quality of our products! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your jewelry purchase, please return it within 10 days of receipt for a full refund!

ShofarShop - The finest shofars produced in Israel. Unlike other sellers of shofars we manufacture our own horns in our own facility in Israel. We had to invest in our own facility because we saw firsthand how others mistreated these instruments. For years we sold their horns, now we sell only ours! We make our own to the highest standards in the world. You will be able to see, smell, and hear the difference! We produce each horn by hand to meet our high standards in look and tone. These beautiful instruments will add a dimension to your worship that is truly magnificent. Our goal is equip you with the best possible instrument through which you can offer your worship to the God of Israel.

Rosemary Burke

Professional artist and illustrator Rosemary Burke has been actively working in her chosen field for over 40 years. In 1967, she began her career as a Staff Artist at John A. Brown Company, at that time, the largest locally owned department store in Oklahoma. Since 1995, Rosemary has been freelancing in a variety of artistic endeavors through her own business. Currently she specializes in illustrations, prints, portraits, logo design, custom commissioned fine art, interior decorating and consulting. Her keen observation of design, detail and attitude give her illustrations a truly timeless, classic appeal.

Healing Throughout
Classifieds - “I want to see my business not just as a source of income, but as a way to express my love for life and for others.”  -Cecil O.Kemp Jr.

The Photon Triage  
Classifieds - Have you tried everything for your health and hit roadblocks?  The Father of Lights has a special blessing for you in a technology that uses light, color, sound, microcurrent and ozone to support the body's own ability to heal!  Truly amazing results for traumatic injury, chronic pain, infections and more!  Designed and manufactured by former aerospace engineer who loves YHWH! Change your health story with the natural elements of creation. Let there be light!

Hallelujah Baby!
Classifieds - Hallelujah Baby provides baby clothing designed with Bible verses to pregnancy centers and through our online store to you!

Classifieds 2
Classifieds 2