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The Centre for the Study of Biblical Research
(CSBR) was founded in 1985 by Dr. E. William Bean to provide the Body of Christ with current research into the languages of the Second Temple Period.

Congregation Beth El of Manhattan - New York, NY
This is the homepage of a Messianic Jewish synagogue in Manhattan (New York City). Messianic synagogues are congregations of Jewish people (and non-Jewish people as well) who believe that Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth was the Messiah foretold by the Jewish prophets.

Chucking College: Achieving Success Without Corruption by Melanie Ellison

A book that shows young ladies how to design their own higher education without losing their faith, fidelity, and finances in the process.

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus - Featuring Tim Mahoney
Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus unlocks the mystery and reveals evidence that matches and confirms the biblical account. If you have heard that there is no evidence for the Exodus, or for Joseph and the Hebrews in Egypt, prepare for a whole new view of history!

Evidence for the Bible - by Clive Anderson, and Brian H. Edwards
Follow the biblical record from Genesis to Revelation! This informative and beautiful book reveals discoveries that either confirm or illustrate the biblical narrative with over 200 full color images.

The Christian Jew Foundation 
Our first goal is to reach Jewish people with the Gospel of Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus the Messiah. Like Paul, we want to proclaim the Good News that God has fulfilled the promise He made to the Fathers: The Messiah has come (Acts 13:14-39)!

Jerusalem Perspective

Joy Publishing
Publishers of Messianic Books
America's Jewish Bookstore

Jewish Voice Ministries International
A media outreach that shares the good news of Messiah Yeshua, and encourages the Church to love, respect and pray for the Jewish people. JVMI shares the good news that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah with Jewish communities through the medical and humanitarian outreaches, media, and also teaches the Church-at-large about its Jewish Roots. JVMI shares biblical teachings, interviews, testimonies, music and docu-dramas in over 20 states and six countries.

Judah's Glory
Our objective is to manifest the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, to restore and defend Jewish souls, to teach Christians of their truly Jewish heritage.

Jewish Television Network
A nonprofit organization that is the Jewish community’s only national television network. All of the network’s programming reflects the richness and diversity of Jewish traditions and experience. JTN produces and airs award-winning children’s shows, network quality news, as well as arts and entertainment programs.

Jewish Week
Serving The Jewish Community of New York

The Nizkor Project
Dedicated to the millions of Holocaust victims who suffered and died at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime.

Messianic Vision  
Host Sid Roth, is a Jewish believer in Jesus. As the host of the Messianic Vision, a nationally syndicated radio, television, and publishing ministry, Sid has been on the cutting edge of Jewish evangelism for twenty years. He has a hunger for souls and believes the key to worldwide evangelism and the Lord's return involves going "to the Jew first" - (Romans 1:16).

Messianic Bureau International  
"World-WideWitness through MESSIANIC COMmunications"

Messianic Jewish Publishers, Distributors and Ministries - Lederer Foundation

Maranatha Life  
The word Maranatha is Greek for “Christ is coming again.” Maranatha Life is an organization committed to helping Christians live their lives in a manner that is ready for the soon return of Jesus Christ, our king. Revival is breaking out in many parts of the world today. This is the end time move that God has promised. Revival means to “bring to life again.” Maranatha Life is an active part in spreading revival by helping the Body of Christ to return to their first love, Jesus Christ.

Messiah Assembly

The Messianic Literary Corner
The Messianic Literary Corner is a "grace oriented" Messianic Jewish ministry upholding "non-obligory" Torah observance in its teachings, as well as poetry, books, music, software and reviews.

Mysteries of the Bible Revealed and Resolved
Every week participate in an exploration of another Bible Mystery. Torah Codes, Ancient Chronology, Lost Tribes, Dead Sea Scrolls, Origins Of Christianity, Egyptology, Biblical Archaeology etc. A Book Shop is available plus insightful commentary on news events impacting the Middle East.

Mayim Hayim Ministries
Mayim Hayim Ministries is hearing from the Nations of the world. 

Messianic Discovery Center - Walnut Creek, California
A place to learn about the Bible from a Messianic perspective, with resources on prophecy, Jewish cultural issues, moments in history, and life stories. Presented by the American Remnant Mission (ARM). This ministry is called to lead people into a life-changing relationship with Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah and to enable people to understand Christianity in the context of its Jewish roots.

Multi-Language Media
Our Online Catalog contains Scriptures in over 90 languages, Christian books in about 45 languages, the Who Is Jesus? tract, Bible-based ESL materials, the JESUS Video in over 300 languages, plus a variety of foreign-language Christian videos. The Online Version contains the information included in our 2000 Multi-Language Media printed catalog plus current updates.

Karaite Korner
Karaism is the original form of Judaism as prescribed by God in the Torah. Karaite Judaism rejects later additions to the Tanach (Jewish Bible) such as the Rabbinic Oral Law and places the ultimate responsibility of interpreting the Bible on each individual. Karaism does not reject Biblical interpretation but rather holds every interpretation up to the same objective scrutiny regardless of its source.

Yeshuateinu Company 
A publisher of unique, biblically based messianic products with a purpose to inspire Christians to seek an understanding of the Jewish Roots of the faith. The word "Yeshuateinu" means "Our Salvation" in Hebrew. All of our products declare Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah and the Savior of the World.

Lamb & Lion Bible Prophecy Ministry
We are a Bible prophecy ministry devoted to proclaiming the soon return of Jesus. Our site offers many resources concerning Bible prophecy.

Let Us Reason Ministries
After doing cult evangelism for several years we saw the need to form a official ministry here in the Islands to reach out to over ¼ of the adult population that is involved in different cults or false religions.

Light to the Nations
Dedicated to providing access to traditional Jewish teachings and Biblical traditions, and news and insights on the rebuilding of the Temple and what is really happening in Israel today.

Light of Mashiach!
Yeshua spoke to them again; 'I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light which gives life.' Yochanan 8:12 - Shalom Aleichem!

LightBeacon Ministries
We are a ministry which is dedicated to the sharing of the Good News of Messiah Yeshua. Through insightful articles, books, novels, and public speaking, we hope to reach both our Jewish neighbor and the greater body of Messiah.  

Beauty for Ashes
In brief, we believe that Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth is our promised Messiah by the Word of God, and we believe all that the Word of GOD says about Him. We believe, without reservation, that the Torah, Haftorah, and Brit Chadashah are the WORD of GOD. We believe that Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled all prophetic scripture concerning the promise of the coming Messiah in the Tenach, and that there is no other Messiah.

Beit Hassed EL

Beth Tikkun Publishing
In His Own Words will take you on a fascinating journey through territory that has, until now, remained unexplored by Christian theologians. The book reveals amazing details about God's Word that have never been translated into our English editions

Beth Tikkun Messianic Fellowship - Akron, OH
Here you will find information about our fellowship as well as resources that we hope will enhance your walk with the Father. The name Beth Tikkun means "place of restoration". This reflects the twofold mission of Beth Tikkun Messianic Fellowship: to restore the church to its Jewish roots, and to introduce Jewish people to their Messiah, Yeshua.

Greetings From Jerusalem
For decades, it has been upon our hearts to share a "good report" and bring forth "good news" from the nation of Israel. As an international expression of the Messiah, we can "show favor to Zion" especially through our personal lives. With this in mind, we are offering to you many new Messianic and Judaica gifts, a wide assortment of books, praise and worship music, videos, jewelry and other study materials. When you purchase "Blue & White," you are not only offering high quality items such as gifts for your family and friends, but you are investing in the Israeli economy. This is a tangible way to show support and solidarity with our people in Israel.

A Prayer to Our Father
A Prayer to Our Father is the exciting journey of faith of a Jewish Bible scholar and an African American pastor who join forces to uncover the truth about the most beloved prayer in the Christian world. Their gripping adventure begins in the ancient city of Jerusalem and takes them to the very spot in Galilee where Jesus taught the multitudes to pray. Along the way they discover a Hebrew version of the Lord’s Prayer, preserved in secret by Jewish rabbis for over a thousand years. The richness of meaning that the Hebrew unlocks reveals a powerful message of spiritual growth for Jew and Christian alike. Join them on this provocative exploration of the Hebrew origins of the Lord’s Prayer!

Messianic Jewish Communications
Over the decades, the publications of Lederer/Messianic Jewish Communications have been widely used to impact thousands of Jewish people with the Good News of Messiah. These books and tracts have been distributed in the Orthodox Jewish community, have been given out to Jews in the former Soviet Union, and have been used by Messianic congregations and Jewish outreaches all over the world. These and other Messianic materials are available through our Messianic Jewish Resource

Congregation Beth Ha'Mashiach - Atlanta, Georgia
While stripping back centuries of cultural misinterpretations, Lancaster reveals the historical, Jewish Messiah in vivid new strokes and colors that fire the heart and deepen devotion to Him. King of the Jews digs into the history and literature of early Judaism to demonstrate the authenticity of the Gospels and to dispel today’s errant re-interpretations of Yeshua.

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