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World Of Judaica
Discover The World Of Judaica, Find wonderful pieces of Judaica including everything from menorahs to Seder plates and Kabbalah to Choshen jewelry.

Rosemary Burke
Professional artist and illustrator Rosemary Burke has been actively working in her chosen field for over 40 years. In 1967, she began her career as a Staff Artist at John A. Brown Company, at that time, the largest locally owned department store in Oklahoma. Since 1995, Rosemary has been freelancing in a variety of artistic endeavors through her own business.

Abrasha is a metal artist who creates contemporary jewelry from unexpected combinations of precious and non-precious materials in forms well beyond traditional jewelry concepts. You MUST check out his Judaica. Stunning!

Artistic Signatures by Mendelea
Art, Shopping - Designers of fine monogrammed and personalized jewelry and wearable works of art in Judaic or English.

Artists For Israel International
You've heard of Rembrandt, Dostoevsky, Bach, Jonathan Swift, Thomas Gray, John Milton, and John Bunyan ... people who refused to bury precious talents. When you think of AFII, you must think of people digging to use their talents.

Avi Biran - Judaica, Design & Fine Art
Unique gallery of contemporary judaica blend with a glimpse of humor designed by the israel museum Prize winner.

Ben-Zion David
Located in the artist's quarter of Old Jaffa, you can find handcrafted 925 sterling silver tribal antique jewelry designed by an eighth generation Yemenite silversmith combining traditional craftsmanship and integrating modern fashion trends with ancient arabesque look.

Sacred Symbols Inspirational Jewelry
Art, Shopping - touch the heart and spread the word of Jesus (Yeshua), Messiah of Israel. This inspirational jewelry collection is unique, prophetic and perfect for witnessing.

Sepharade Hebraic Paint
A limited selection of oil and sculpture paint,original and interesting artwork about jewish life through art, a deep mystic point and culture memory...

Baruch Designs Fine Art
Unique Judaica gifts and fine art with a touch of whimsy. All original art, limited edition.

Remember shares art, discussion, photos, poems, and facts to preserve powerful memories, like A Survivor's Prayer.

Ruach Torah
Restoring the Bet Midrash to the Body of Messiah

Designs by Aliza
I believe that there are many ways a person can contribute to Jewish life and culture. I designed these mezuzah covers with the hope that they will beautify Jewish homes, not only as ornaments, but as vessels to hold the words of God.

Empty Tomb Design
Empty Tomb Design celebrates the resurrection of our Lord and Savior: JESUS CHRIST! A new way to tell the Good News....

Ergo Media Jewish Video Catalog

Ghetto Fighters' House
Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum

Hebrew Letters by SaraLeah
Artistic renditions of the Hebrew Letters, available in paintings and matted prints. Each work is accompanied by simple yet scholarly explanations. Categories include: My Name in Hebrew, Angels, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, God names, Skiers, Biblical concepts, Prayers and Blessings, Mother God, Hanukkah, Passover, Professions , Work - Avodah, and much more.

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Founded in 1965, the Israel Museum today has, in a relatively short time, achieved world class status with collections ranging from prehistoric archaeology through contemporary art and with a dynamic roster of temporary exhibitions, publications, and educational activities. It is the leading cultural institution in Israel and is one of the largest encyclopedic museums in the world.

Israel Art Guide
The Complete Guide to Art in Israel, listing thousands of artists, is being built here. You can already browse through a partial list and home pages with detailed biographies and pictures of the work of Israeli artists.

Judaica Heirlooms
When Ely Levisohn opened Judaica Heirlooms in the mid- eighties, Jerusalem was clearly a center for Judaica with scores of people working in Jewish art and ritual items. Many shops were selling industrialized ritual items. But, despite the growing number of artists and crafts- men working in Judaica - in response to a demand by eager collectors - there was no gallery or store dealing seriously in artistically designed, hand- crafted Judaica.

Learning about the Holocaust through Art
Providing high-quality images and full documentation - including artist biographies, articles on the camps and ghettos, and educational resources.

Beauty for Ashes
In brief, we believe that Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth is our promised Messiah by the Word of God, and we believe all that the Word of GOD says about Him. We believe, without reservation, that the Torah, Haftorah, and Brit Chadashah are the WORD of GOD. We believe that Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled all prophetic scripture concerning the promise of the coming Messiah in the Tenach, and that there is no other Messiah.

Greetings From Jerusalem
For decades, it has been upon our hearts to share a "good report" and bring forth "good news" from the nation of Israel. As an international expression of the Messiah, we can "show favor to Zion" especially through our personal lives. With this in mind, we are offering to you many new Messianic and Judaica gifts, a wide assortment of books, praise and worship music, videos, jewelry and other study materials.

Bible Land
Now is the time to live the unity of the Scriptures. The time has arrived for both Gentiles and Jews. Feel the arms of Messiah Yeshua and touch the Heart of God surrounding you. Welcome the Messiah by remembering Him.

Israel-Catalog is the biggest Israeli/Jewish product e-Commerce site on the Internet. Our customers have purchased products from around the world.

Roni's Graphics

Messianic Cards and Art
Bright, bold, greeting cards use New and Old Covenant scriptures to glorify Messiah Yeshua.

The Prophetic Scroll
Eschatology, Messianic, teaching, art, videos, Israel, Jews.

Jerusalem Shots
Jerusalem Shots is an archive of exceptional Jerusalem photos. We hope Jerusalem Shots will bring tourists to our city and enable people that lived here wander familiar streets once again.

Shofar Call International

Beit Hatfutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People
This unique global institution tells the ongoing and extraordinary story of the Jewish people. Beit Hatfutsot connects Jewish people to their roots and strengthens their personal and collective Jewish identity.

Above All Images
Messianic T-Shirts and Gifts

Wall Decals by Shalom Creative Design
A couple of months ago, I was looking for a wall decal for my living room. But I couldn't find anything appropriate to express my faith as a member of the Messianic community (Living Waters in Tulsa, Oklahoma). So I decided to create my own. Now I would like to share these designs with the Messianic community all over the world.

Songbird Papercuts - Israel
SCRIPTURAL PAPERCUT ART AND MESSIANIC KETUBAHS IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH. These beautiful paper cut blessings in Hebrew and English, and made entirely in Israel, are a stunning and meaningful choice for your home decor, and make an ideal gift for a special occasion. Israeli artist Grace Alon also offers an exquisite Messianic ketubah as a beautiful symbol of your wedding covenant, or a perfect gift for a special couple or anniversary.

Messianic Art and Gifts
Art - We are very excited to launch our new site which is currently being redesigned to look better and be more functional. We currently have 13 designs that can be printed on stickers, magnets, wall art, and custom mantle pieces.

Chesed Designs
Art - Customized watercolor of Hebrew Scriptures. Hebrew home decor items.

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