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God Week 1 - 2013 / Topic: God

Each one is an individual link or you can get them all at once HERE

Epic Themes of the Bible

Homeschool How To’s

Women Encourage Women

Paradigm Shift

Daniel McGirr & Ryan White of Wisdom in Torah

Kashoo ahk

Message to The Brethren

Setting History Straight

Crossing Over

Eddie Chumney of Hebraic Heritage Broadcast and Jim King of Gospel Roots Radio

Messianic Morning Prayers

The Wall Watchmen

The Challenge

Israel My Delight

The Kingdom Road Radio Show

The Hiding Place

Messianic Morning Prayers

Faithful To the Truth

Nitza Moshe of Remnant Radio

Bnai Shalom Messianic Congregation / Toledot Torah Portion taught by Mark David Smith  

Bagels & Blessings (Special Praise Music)

Messianic Media (Special Praise Music)

God Week 2 - 2014 / Topic: Hope

Each one is an individual link or you can get them all at once HERE

Homeschool How To’s  

The Kingdom Road Radio Show  

The Hiding Place  

Faithful To the Truth  

Remnant Radio  

Bagels & Blessings (Special Praise Music)  

The Devora Clark Show  

Joined to HaShem  

Torah Life with Paul Nison  

I Stand Amazed with Brad Scott   

I Stand Amazed with Dave Mathews   

I Stand Amazed with Monte Judah    

Day and Night Worship  

Melo Hagoyim   

The Secret Place    

Paradigm Shift   

Messianic Morning Prayers

Messianic Morning Prayers

Messianic Joy   

Double Portion Inheretance   

Israel My Delight On the show: James & Gayle O’Hare, Mark David Smith, Stephen Morgan, Susan Hooge, Nitza Moshe & Tom Collins

God Week 3 - 2015 / Prayer, Praise and Proclamation Conference

Messianic Morning Prayers with John and Sandi Craig

Praise, pray and proclaim your way to true health - Brooke Lounsbury of Health Begins at Home

YAHWEH'S Witnesses - Joseph Israel of The Kingdom Road Show Broadcast

Parables and what they mean today - Linda Watson of Setting History Straight Broadcast

LIVE Music from Don and Maureen Clarke

His Name Is In SHeMeN - Nitza Moshe of Remnant Radio Broadcast

Reconciliation with Israel - Kellen Davison of Midnight Watch News Broadcast

A Continuous Fire - Gabriel Bartlett of The Good Report Broadcast

A Life of Praise - Daniel Clayton and Chris Knight of the Unashamed Broadcast

Praise & Worship with Israel My Delight

Street Witnessing - Paul Nison of Torah Life Ministries Broadcast

Shalom Jerusalem - Mike Clayton of Joined to HaShem Ministries

The Amidah and the Language of Covenant - Rico Cortes of Wisdom in Torah Ministries

Messianic Morning Prayers with Leslie Ann, Tom and Retta Collins

Lift Up Your Voice - Darionel of Devoted to Yah Radio

The Power of Crying Out - Erin Kuhn of Messianic Singles Broadcast

Spirit-Filled Israel: Speak the Word - Devora Clark of The Devora Clark Show Broadcast

Are you expecting the unexpected? - James and Gayle O’Hare of Israel My Delight Broadcast

The Seed War - Jessica Arellanes of HaKol Kallah Radio

Torah Processional Service via Manna From Heaven Ministries - Dave Mathews

Praise & Worship with Corry Bell and Mark Keller

Events in Israel - Eddie Chumney of Hebraic Heritage Ministries

The Status of the Temple Mount - Monte Judah of Lion and Lamb Ministries

Service of the Heart - Dr. Dinah Dye of Foundations in Torah Ministries

Messianic Morning Prayers with Rabbi Immanuel & Chrissie Gomez

Thoughts on how to teach your children to MEANINGFULLY pray and praise - Renee Ellison of Homeschool How To’s Broadcast

Esther the Prophetess - Evonne Mandella of the Messianic Joy Broadcast

Is Unity of the Assemblies Possible in the 21st Century? - Kennard Levi Brown of Merciful Servants of God Ministries

LIVE Music from Mason Clover

Just Who Do You Think You Are Anyway?! - Angie Howard of The Hiding Place Broadcast

Gifts from Our Father of Lights - Tom Collins of The Secret Place Broadcast

Secure identity in Yeshua - Rabbi Immanuel Gomez of Crossing Over Broadcast

We Wait With Great Expectation and Hope - Rabbi Byers of Melo HaGoyim Broadcast

Praise & Worship with Rod Woodruff

The Weightier Matters of Torah - Brad Scott of The Wildbranch Ministry

Prayer Praise and Proclamation - John and Sandi Craig - Amarillo Texas

Gathering Not Scattering - Mark David Smith owner of Talmidim Publishing