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About The Messianic Directory

About The Messianic Category Directory
The Messianic Directory has been on the internet for 19 years!  
The Directory is owned by Talmidim Publishing which also owns ‘
Messianic LAMB Radio’.
The two websites combined had over a million visitors in 2016.

The Messianic Directory is promoted every day on ‘Messianic LAMB Radio’.
You can now use that traffic to bring exposure to your website, books, music and/or teachings (in multiple forms) by listing on The Messianic Directory.

You may have noticed the four ‘button’ links in the category list to the left. The ‘Bookstore’, ‘Classifieds’, ‘Musicstore’ & ‘Teaching’ links are the most researched categories within the Messianic Lifestyle. Because of this we offer different upgrades for these individual categories such as ‘slider advertisements’ at the top of the page. (See the ‘List Your Website’ page)

The Messianic Directory does not sell websites, books, items, music or teaching - we provide ‘MAXIMUM Traffic Exposure’ for those of you who have websites, books, items, music or teachings.
     - All you do is let us list and promote your website using our high traffic exposure.
     - The link, promo and/or advertisement you list on our site sends our visitors to you.

Talmidim Publishing
Our Vision Is Our Place.
Our vision is to help those that do not have a place to promote their ministry, in whatever form, to have a place. Our place then gives the searcher a place to find ministries they might not otherwise know about.

Talmidim Publishing started because Mark David Smith (owner) wrote 12 books on prayer and could not get them published. He knew of several others who also could not get their books published but had great books. He contacted as many as he could and started printing, promoting and publishing book after book.

Books became websites, websites became new undertakings. The physical publishing became on-line publishing of websites, e-books and finally a radio station (LAMB Radio) which eventually saturated the entire ministry. Mark and his wife Donna sold their physical retail flooring business After all this a job overwhelmed and consumed Mark while maintaining an incredibly fast growing radio station. The ministry became a business and God ended up somewhere in the back seat.

Today, the God of Avraham, Yitzak and Yaacov has released Mark and his wife from their shackles and restored their vision of Talmidim Publishing.

Our Vision Is Our Place. Talmidim Publishing is:
The Messianic Directory & The Messianic LAMB Radio

Placing a text based listing on The Messianic Directory is always free.
All listings are listed on a ‘first come - first list’ basis.
We do not place the listings in any kind of order.
We keep all listings posted until we are otherwise notified.

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May the LORD bless you in your endeavors.
Mark David Smith
Talmidim Publishing

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All claims for shipping, receiving or the condition of items or property within the listings on the The Messianic Directory’s website or any other website owned by Talmidim Publishing is the sole responsibility of the person or persons listing the items or property. If you have any questions - please email us here.