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Zinda Law Group, PLLC   
Business - Zinda Law Group is a nationwide personal injury law firm with offices across Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Colorado Springs Messianic Chavurah  
Schools / Yeshivas - Colorado Springs Messianic Chavurah is a small group of like-minded Jews and Christians who assemble for the purposes of facilitating Shabbat, Havdalah services, sharing communal experiences such as lifecycle events, or Jewish learning, and more.

The Feasts Unlocked  
Hebrew Calendar - "Book Title: The Feasts Unlocked - A Practical - Understanding of God’s Holy Days - Format: Paperback - 324 Pages - Website: Available now - Synopsis: The Feasts Unlocked takes a practical approach to the apologetics, historicity and scriptural significance of Leviticus 23, their understanding, observance, and role in Modern Christianity."

Beth Or Ha Olam - Philadelphia, PA
Congregations - A Russian Jewish Messianic Congregation in NE Philadelphia - Русская Иудейский Мессианская Конгрегация в NE Филадельфии

burning bushes everywhere: about the God who was, is and will be. Written and illustrated by Guinevere Grier  
Bookstore - Bible stories from the Torah and the Gospels are sequenced and summarized in a picture book for all ages.  More than 4000 years ago a message about the kingdom of God was introduced through the Hebrew people.  More than 2000 years later the concept of the kingdom of God shifted due to the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus during the first century CE. This book shows how thoroughly grounded in Jewish traditions the Judaeo-Christian communities originally were.  Additional information from contemporary studies clarify biblical texts using a discovery oriented approach.  Questions reframe the idea of where a seeker might find God.  Is the kingdom of God a place or a state of mind?

Believers-of-The-Way-Shabbat-Meeting Bertram TX
Congregations - We meet to study the Scriptures every Shabbat at the Bertram Library Meeting Room. *Not in any way affiliated with or sponsored by the Burnet County Library System.

Deborah's Messianic Ministries
Study Tools

Arise Ariel Ministries - Elyria, OH
Congregations Our website offers teaching, blogs, prayer request, our community calendar and site membership.

Valerie Moody, Covenant Footsteps
Prayer - Valerie Moody teaches on the Hebraic Roots of the Christian faith.  

Healing Througout
Business - Apple Valley Ca Business "“I want to see my business not just as a source of income, but as a way to express my love for life and for others.”  -Cecil O.Kemp Jr. Welcome to Healing Throughout!  LIFE is BEAUTIFUL..once you experience the joy of it. "

Rock of Israel - Philadelphia, PA
Congregations - Bi-lingual (Russian-English) Reformed Messianic Congregation

Ruach Ha Emet [Spirit of Truth] Messianic Synagogue - Peterborough, Ontario CANADA
Congregations - "We present the message of salvation in a Jewish context for the objective of Jewish and Gentile salvation in the community. Join us for worship and fellowship in person or online every Shabbat (Saturday) at 11:00am EST."

Restoration Of The True Faith Ministries  
Broadcasts - Our ministry operates under the leadership of our Rabbi and Shepherd Messiah Yahshua, through the Ruach HaKodesh, which unlocks the deep hidden truths, in YHVH’s Word.  As our spiritual eyes are opened, we come to understand the Hebraic Roots of our faith, which restores us to YHVH’S Covenant promise and deeper intimacy with our Father YHVH (Yahweh).  ROTTF Ministries Virtual Online Shabbat Teachings & Interactive Studies allow us to be 21 Century Bereans, who worship in Spirit and in Truth.  We are both natural branches (Jewish people) and wild branches (Christians) who believe Yahshua (Jesus) is raising up a Holy Remnant, who will profess His Truth and be a light to the Nations.  Join us every Shabbat at 2:00 PM at

Meaningful Worship  
Musicstore - Messianic/christian music. Album "Adonai" is available in amazon, cdbaby, spotify and itunes. Check it out!

DMM Publications
Bookstore - Books to help you grow in your walk in Messiah Yeshua

Hidden Treasures of Kingdom Prayer
Bookstore - Visit to order her new book, Hidden Treasures of Kingdom Prayer.  

Shopping - An online boutique for women who like to dress both modestly and fashionably. Check out our selection of modest dresses, swimwear, footwear, skirts, and tops. Free shipping in the U.S & easy returns!

Torah in My Heart
Learning Hebrew - Join Peter and Kellan in learning Hebrew for FREE! An introductory “How to Read Hebrew” video explains the basics. Weekly glimpses into the Torah portion offer tips and insights for reading Hebrew. This method is to encourage you to read the Hebrew Bible on your own. It will make your head overheat, but it works. And it’s worth the effort.

Shalom Yeshua Ministries, Inc. - Evansville, Indiana
Congregations - "We are a fellowship of Messianic Jewish believers in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and followers of Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah. We love to gather together as Jews and Gentiles, to study the Hebrew Scriptures, and learn more about our amazing G-d.

Brit Hadasha Fellowship - Walnut Creek, CA
Congregations - We are a Messianic congregation of Jews and Gentiles in the San Francisco Bay Area, worshiping in a Jewish cultural setting centered around the belief in Yeshua as Messiah. We observe all of the biblical feasts, and our worship services take place on Friday evening,  with Parsha studies on Saturday and a mid-week Bible Study.

American Torah
Blogs - Practical application of Torah principles for Messianics & Christians in modern America.

Servants Of YAHWEH Ministry - Bradyville, TN
Congregations - Deeper scriptural studies posted for increased scriptural knowledge and edification

Synagogue Chavurat HaMashiach - Spokane, WA
Congregations - Synagogue Chavurat HaMashiach (Fellowship Of The Messiah) is a Messianic Jewish congregation for both Jew and Gentile, in Spokane WA.  Join us for our next Shabbat service, study, or event!

Rosh Pinah Messianic Congregation - Bath (Akron), Ohio
Congregations - We are a growing congregation dedicated to serving the spiritual, educational, and cultural needs of the Messianic Jewish community. Rosh Pinah seeks to encourage the spiritual growth of believers by teaching both the Torah and Brit Chadasha (New Testament). What once started as a home ministry in 1990, it began with the combined goal of introducing the Christian community to the Jewish roots of their faith, as well as teaching the fulfillment of the Mashiach’s (Messiah’s) return to the house of Israel. Today, the ministry is a diverse grouping of both Jews and former Gentiles that have the desire to worship Yeshua, our Mashiach, through observing Jewish biblical tradition and keeping the Shabbat. We’ve worked tirelessly towards transforming how people experience the notion of Messianic Jewish life. Our services are the heart of our congregation and we are blessed to have an outstanding congregation that is dedicated to spreading the wisdom and knowledge of the Word of G-d to all.

Monk of YHVH
Blogs - Tekton, Monk of YHVH, Servant of a Master, Disciple of Messiah Yeshua, Oracle of Adonai, Follower of The Way, Disenculturated, Unpolitical, Pacifist, Kingdom-Living, Kibbutz Ekklesia!

Benei Avraham - DeSoto, Texas
Congregations "We are a Jewish group in Desoto, TX that believes in Yeshua. We are Torah-observant and lean towards traditional Orthodox Jewish beliefs and practices. We study Torah, Tenakh, Brit Hadashah, Talmud, Midrash, Kabbalah, etc. We offer the following services: Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday nights), Shacharit & Torah study (Saturdays at 11:30 am), Havdalah (Saturday at sunset), Holidays, and Conversion to Judaism. Kosher meals are included with our services. Visit our website, RSVP & join us next Shabbat!"

Home School - Homeschool help, encouragement, from a Torah observant family

Book and Companion Journal by Dr. Jesse Michaels.
Dr. Michaels’ in-depth spiritual and nutritional teaching’s on health and wholeness in his book is a true beacon of light to the countless who are searching for the answers to healing and wholeness in spirit, mind and body.

Watchman Alexander   
Blogs - Prepare for the climax of history with meaty Bible study from an independent, Hebraic perspective. Blog and podcast updated weekly.

Around The Bend   
Shopping - At Around The Bend you will find tzitzit and tzitzit related items for the modern Jewish, Messianic, and Hebrew family. A variety of materials, lengths, tying methods, colors, and attachment methods are used to serve your needs. Different price ranges are available to meet a variety of budgets and all items are made with the same care and workmanship.

Messiah's Way Fellowship Colorado Springs, CO
Congregations - New Messianic Fellowship in Colorado Springs, CO

School of Messianic Theology Dallas,Texas
Schools / Yeshivas - SMT is one of the leading and honorable place where you can get an online theology study. School of Messianic Theology providing knowledge about Messianic Congregation to the people. Our website has a huge material about Jewish people and theology. It way for working professional and any person can grab the knowledge at his/her pace. Our website containing courses are based on low price and having great knowledge.

St. George Utah Messianic Fellowship - St. George, Utah
Congregations - If you are in the St. George, Utah area we invite you to fellowship with us each Sabbath (Saturday) at 11:00 am. We meet 611 N. 2450 E, in the Education building behind the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church. Torah teaching, oneg, Torah discussion.

Yehovah's Family Fellowship -
Teaching - Windsor Ontario Canada Congregations Bible topics by various teachers and also Hebraic music.  Great for anyone looking for Hebraic roots info or a fellowship

Ha Derekh, The Way - Albany, Oregon
Congregations - Ha Derekh, The Way, is a group of  people who follow  Yeshua as the promised jewish Messiah and we seek to learn more about our Creator through reading and discussing his full word, The tanakh(OT) and the renewed testament(NT) and praying and supporting one another. We follow the hebrew reading portions (parsha) of the Torah,Writings and related NT verses. We believe the whole bible is for His people and that the book is one unified book interwoven together. We seek to be bereans who study to see what the scriptures say so that we can stay on the narrow path that leads to Life.

"Chronicles of the Knightwatchman" by Paul Ahvrum Pharez  
Bookstores - Gives description of the Book of my personal testimony from Jewish Orthodox-Conservative to coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ/Yeshua Homashia. The Book reads more like fiction, but as they say truth can be stranger than fiction. If you have seen "Indiana Jones", "Constantine" or the "Mummy" you have already have taken a glimpse into my life in Yeshua.

Teachingstore - Our website is a wealth of studies that go back into the original languages and open the scriptures as never before.  We have the most powerful videos on Hebraic restoration that exist from the most profound ministries.  We will show you how to study the Bible in the original languages so that you can unlock the encoded truths that years of language evolution and mistranslations have obscured.  Come and dine with us!

Dawn Hagedorn  
Teachingstore - What does YHWH's Word actually say about healing His people?  Y’shua, YHWH’s Word made flesh, didn’t need doctor’s & drugs 2000 years ago, Y’shua is the same yesterday, today and forever, YHWH’s Word doesn’t need doctors or drugs to heal His people today.  We have set up our own brass serpent as an idol (the medical industry) just like the Israelites did.  King Hezekiah destroyed it and prayed for the people and they were healed.  It’s time we do the same!  

Dawn Hagedorn  
Musicstore - Narrated Healing & Praise Scriptures from a Hebraic perspective with His name restored to the scriptures set to Inspirational background music.  A great faith building tool to listen to any time or a great gift for those going through a time of trial or sickness.  Free MP3 download or purchase a very low priced physical CD.  

If God can Heal His People, Why is the Church so Sick?  
Bookstore - Just what does YHWH's Word say about healing?  Y’shua, YHWH’s Word made flesh, didn’t need doctor’s & drugs 2000 years ago, Y’shua is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8), YHWH’s Word doesn’t need doctors or drugs to heal His people today.  We have set up our own brass serpent as an idol (the medical industry) just like the Israelites did.  King Hezekiah destroyed it and prayed for the people and they were healed.  It’s time we do the same!   Free Kindle download or purchase a very low priced hard copy book.

Musicstore - Music made without the influence of drugs, alcohol, or greed. Music you can think to.

Ruby Jirafa
Bookstores - Food and healing for the soul. Kimberly Cyphers

Messiah's Way Fellowshop - Colorado Springs, CO
Congregations - Messiah's Way Fellowship

Hineni Messianic Fellowship - St. Augustine, FL
Congregations - Ruach/Spirit Filled on fire for Yeshuah congregation.  Teach the Jewish Roots of Messiah.  We are a loving family oriented "One New Man" congregation. Everyone welcome .  Friday Erev Shabbat 7:00 pm