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L’Chaim Messianic fellowship - Melbourne, Florida
Congregations - Jewish followers of Jesus website

Messianic Synagogue - Klamath Falls, Oregon
Congregations - Messianic Jewish Congregation establishing Messianic Jewish Synagogue in Klamath Basin.  Torah Studies, Shabbat Worship Services, Learning Hebrew and learning about our Messiah Yeshua.

Yeshua's Sabbath Church - Sparta, Tennessee
Congregations - Yeshua's Sabbath Church

Luz Messianic Music  
San Diego Dance 6 messianic praise CDs with the Psalms in Hebrew, Spanish and English by songwriter Luz Goldhagen

Sar Shalom Ministries  - Garfield Heights, OH
Congregations - Hebraic Christian Church (Synagogue) upholding Yahshua’s way

Sparkles Jones  
Bookstore - Children’s book and children’s education  Sparkles Jones

Et Haor - Flower Mound, TX  
Congregations - Et Haor is a congregation spreading the light of Torah and the Messiah Yeshua.  At Et Haor, we are here to learn, grow, worship Hashem, and become a mishpecha (family).  Come join us and see the difference!

Chiam B'Derech - Russellville, Ar
Congregations - We are a Messianic Jewish Synagogue in Russellville, Ar. We believe that Yeshua kept the traditions of the the Jewish people, and we try to emulate that in our Synagogue. We believe that Yeshua came first as Ben Yoseph and will come again as Ben David. We offer shacharit prayers at 10:30 am followed by a midrash, music, oneg and a Torah study. Services typically last from 10:30am to 4:30pm Saturday. All are welcome!

The Way Congregation - Denver, CO
Congregations - Our goal at the Way Congregation is to walk as Jesus taught. We are filling a gap between Judah (Messianic Jews) and Ephraim (the gentile church) by taking the wholesome and biblical aspects from each. We want the world to know our God is gracious and has paid for our sins through the blood of Yeshua. We love God’s instructions and we strive to live according to them because His instructions lead to joy, peace, and prosperity. We want to focus on the majors without leaving the minors undone. We love Shabbat, the feasts, and clean food: but what defines us is our love and kindness.

Restored Covenant Community - East Peoria Illinois
Congregations - We are a Messiah-Centered community focused on reaching out to the lost and sharing with them the hope that is found in Yeshua Messiah, and restoring the commandments of God to his chosen people

What Is the Gospel?
Blogs - "The good news is being spoken and lived out every day by people who live together in peace and harmony, giving themselves to the process of purification from selfishness and sin to live a life that is holy - wholly - that is, dedicated to the service of God and their fellow-man! The articles on this site express our desire for you to not only understand what the gospel is really all about, but to come and see this incredible life, get to know us and the One we follow, and hopefully find your heart's desire among His people!"

Torah Club Peterborough
Torah Portions - Torah Club is where disciples gather to learn the Bible, and particularly the Torah, from a historical Jewish perspective and apply its timeless truths to their lives.

Pelham Bay Assembly of God - Bronx, New York
Congregations - The Pelham Bay AG website provides a platform for an introduction to our fellowship through on demand services and bible studies along with a livestream broadcast of both services and studies. The teaching is Messianic and unlike what you will hear in most churches.

Ancient Foundation Bible Fellowship  - Wauchope New South Wales Australia
Congregations - We are a Sabbath keeping, Torah observant, Feast Days Keeping fellowship.  With Yeshua at the center of all we do.  We meet every Sabbath.  For more details go to our website.  Thanks & Shalom

Compass Messianic Ministries  
Blogs - Small congregation celebrating the feasts

Beth Am Echad Messianic Cong. 1509 Greg St. Sparks NV
Congregations - Worship is Saturday 10:30am  for further information please contact Hy Kozak  775-356-1096 Messianic Windsor Ontario Canada
Congregations - My website gives info regarding our congregation in Windsor and covers have hundreds of Biblical topics

ha'Derech l'Moshiheinu הדרך למושיענו - Messianic Kehillah  Ryde / Sydney - NSW
Israel - haDerech is a growing "Sydney" Messianic Kehillah that meets each Shabbat + Moedim in regular Jewish format. We bring Yeshua haMashiach to Jew & Gentile from the original (Jewish) intent of the Torah & Prophets as Yeshua taught. Mid-week "Limmud Torah" & 1-on-1 development also provided. Just as our Mashaich gave freely, so do we.

Tikvatyisrael-Hawaii - Waihawa Hawaii
Schools / Yeshivas - Messianic Torah observant congrgration made up of both Jews and non jews Meet at 1679 California Av Waihawa Hawaii Sabbath mornning

Order Herbalife Online
Biblical Health - Now it’s easy to have weight management; nutrition, personal care, energy, and fitness with Herbal Life. Lots of customers visit the website to buy Herbalife products. Herbalife online store is of high-quality where people can order Herbalife online. All products are pure and very healthy. The company serves people all around the world.

The Way Congregation - Wheat Ridge, CO
Congregations - Our goal at the Way Congregation is to simply walk as Jesus taught. We believe we are filling a gap between Judah (Messianic Jews) and Ephraim (the gentile church) by taking the wholesome and biblical aspects from each. We love grace! We want the world to know our God is gracious and has paid for our sins through the blood of Yeshua. We also love God’s instructions and we strive to live according to all that He has revealed and instructed us to do because His instructions lead to joy, peace, and prosperity. We want to focus on the majors without leaving the minors undone. While we love Shabbat, the feasts, and clean food -- but what defines us is our love and kindness. Furthermore, we believe the Bible is God’s Word and that it is completely inerrant and infallible and inspired: The people, places, events and miracles described in it were completely real and historical.

Alive & Well Again
Divine Health - Your Source for Wildcrafted & Organic Living Foods Since 1997 - Divine Health Coaching • Tools to Restore Your Body, Soul & Spirit - Prosper and be in Health, Even as Your Soul Prospers

Torah Family Fellowship - Memphis,TN
Congregations - We are a Messianic Community that meets in the Memphis, TN area.  Our current meeting location in  is in Collierville, TN and draws attendance from across the Memphis Metropolitan Area, West Tennessee and North Mississippi.  The name of our fellowship reflects our purpose in gathering together.  We come together to study Torah, focus on Family and enjoy Fellowship with one another.

Besorah Institute for Judaic-Christian Studies & Biblical Research   
Schools / Yeshivas - “The vision and mission of the Besorah Institute is to help increase understanding among the members of the Body of Christ (The Church) of their Jewish roots, to train individuals for lay ministry to share the Gospel message with non-believers from a Judaic-Christian perspective, and to add to the literature on Biblical research.”

Olive Tree Restoration Ministries - Lihue, Kauai HI
Congregations - No Website Messianic Congregation / Charles W Burrow

Set Apart Praise by Andre Tischer   
Art - I am a believer in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and torah-instructions observant. My calling is to worship YAH as a psalmist. My songs are mostly scriptural inspired. I sing in english, hebrew, finnish & german. I have performed in musicals. I am a street-praise art musician as well as a studio artist. I experience & improvise with different kinds of instruments (guitar & percussions etc.) and music styles (Accoustic-rock, electro-house/hip-hop/dubstep/drum n’ bass/trance/reggae a.s.o.) Besides my music projects I am building up a home congregation (shabbat meetings & prayer groups) and I am doing scriptural discipling.

Friends of The Bridegroom Ministries - Beachwood, Ohio
Congregations - Friends of The Bridegroom Messianic Ministries is a teaching ministry located in Beachwood, Ohio, dedicated to raising up disciples of Messiah Yeshua through the study of the complete counsel of HaShem (from Genesis to Revelation) and the acknowledgement of and reliance upon The Ruach HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit).

Dr Jocelin's Practitioner Grade Essential Oils  
Biblical Health - Dr Jocelin’s journey with natural supplements began when she was only 5 years old and an herbal blend saved her life after having experienced chronic bronchitis for over a year with no medical resolution or hope for one. That planted a seed which became watered over the years resulting in her obtaining six different degrees and certifications in natural health including Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy and Certified Aromatherapist. Out of her passion for the purest and highest quality supplements and essential oils for her patients, she formed her own line of practitioner grade essential oils including custom blends based on her patient’s needs.

Brit Chadashah - Sydney, NSW
Congregations - "“Brit Chadashah” (the New Covenant) is a planting in Sydney by Celebrate Messiah. We meet together fortnightly for Bible studies from a Messianic Perspective. Brit Chadashah is Hebrew for the “New Covenant”. We are a unique fellowship made up of Jewish and Gentile people who are believers in Yeshua as the promised Messiah of Israel. Brit Chadashah is part of a worldwide Messianic Jewish movement of hundreds of fellowships. As a Messianic fellowship, we are committed to celebrating our faith in Yeshua in a way that reflects our scriptural Jewish heritage. Being a fellowships of Jews and Gentiles, we testify to the peace that God has brought into our lives through Yeshua."

Zinda Law Group, PLLC   
Business - Zinda Law Group is a nationwide personal injury law firm with offices across Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Colorado Springs Messianic Chavurah  
Schools / Yeshivas - Colorado Springs Messianic Chavurah is a small group of like-minded Jews and Christians who assemble for the purposes of facilitating Shabbat, Havdalah services, sharing communal experiences such as lifecycle events, or Jewish learning, and more.

The Feasts Unlocked  
Hebrew Calendar - "Book Title: The Feasts Unlocked - A Practical - Understanding of God’s Holy Days - Format: Paperback - 324 Pages - Website: Available now - Synopsis: The Feasts Unlocked takes a practical approach to the apologetics, historicity and scriptural significance of Leviticus 23, their understanding, observance, and role in Modern Christianity."

Beth Or Ha Olam - Philadelphia, PA
Congregations - A Russian Jewish Messianic Congregation in NE Philadelphia - Русская Иудейский Мессианская Конгрегация в NE Филадельфии

burning bushes everywhere: about the God who was, is and will be. Written and illustrated by Guinevere Grier  
Bookstore - Bible stories from the Torah and the Gospels are sequenced and summarized in a picture book for all ages.  More than 4000 years ago a message about the kingdom of God was introduced through the Hebrew people.  More than 2000 years later the concept of the kingdom of God shifted due to the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus during the first century CE. This book shows how thoroughly grounded in Jewish traditions the Judaeo-Christian communities originally were.  Additional information from contemporary studies clarify biblical texts using a discovery oriented approach.  Questions reframe the idea of where a seeker might find God.  Is the kingdom of God a place or a state of mind?

Believers-of-The-Way-Shabbat-Meeting Bertram TX
Congregations - We meet to study the Scriptures every Shabbat at the Bertram Library Meeting Room. *Not in any way affiliated with or sponsored by the Burnet County Library System.

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