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Chesed Designs
Art - Customized watercolor of Hebrew Scriptures. Hebrew home decor items.

"Those who have ears - Let them Hear" by Dr. Jesse J. Michaels Th.D.,NP, CNC, MMin
Bookstore - After having miraculously overcome multiple diseases, several of which were life-threatening, Dr. Jesse J. Michaels, Th.D, NP, CNC, MMin., teaches in his book DEEP Scriptural truths on healing and wholeness that will not only bring you into a deeper walk with God, but will teach you how you can heal in spirit, mind and body; truths that include the root causes of disease, negative emotions, forgiveness, communion, spiritual fasting, in-depth nutritional teachings for a healthy diet, and much more! The Scriptural truth’s stem from a Hebraic perspective, which is the original language of the Old Covenant, as well as the foundation of the New Covenant. This is not only important in helping the Believer to better understand their faith, but is “vital“ to one’s spiritual and physical well-being!

Divine Healing Ministries
Biblical Health - Dr. Jesse J. Michaels Th.D, NP, CNC, Mmin. teaches in his "Those Who Have Ears-Let Them Hear." book DEEP Scriptural truths on healing and wholeness that will not only bring you into a deeper walk with God, but will teach you how you can heal in spirit, mind and body; truths that include the root causes of disease, negative emotions, forgiveness, communion, spiritual fasting, in-depth nutritional teachings for a healthy diet, and much more! The Scriptural truth’s stem from a Hebraic perspective, which is the original language of the Old Covenant, as well as the foundation of the New Covenant. This is not only important in helping the Believer to better understand their faith, but is “vital“ to one’s spiritual and physical well-being!

Or Chaim Messianic Congregation - Denver Colorado
Congregation - Or Chaim means Light of Life! We are a messianic congregation meeting every Shabbat in the Gateway on Mount Zion building on lookout mountain road! Please come and join us for our service and Oneg afterward. Please visit our website for more information!

The Temple Revealed in Creation:  A Portrait of the Family by Dinah Dye

The Bible is filled with temple imagery and symbols that were likely understood by first century Christians.  Sadly, they are foreign to us.  We cannot evaluate these symbols from our twenty-first century mentality.  In this groundbreaking work, Dinah Dye explores the ancient understanding of the temple from the birth of time.  The Temple Revealed in Creation:  A Portrait of the Family takes the reader back to the beginning in search of the true meaning of the Temple and its enduring relevance for today’s family.

Beth Shalom Messianic Ministries - Sugarcreek, Ohio
Beth Shalom is a congregation located near Sugarcreek Ohio and started in 2006. We are building a Messianic community in the area of Coshocton County and Holmes County, Ohio, United States. Check out our website for online broadcasts, congregational information, or to be part of our online community.

Shalom Assembly of Yahweh - Sterling, IL
Congregations - We are a Hebrew Roots Community that follows an teaches the Torah

End From Beginning
Blog - Paleo Hebraic Bible Perspectives
Women's Quarter - offers free teachings and resources for women who have the desire to learn more about Torah and how to properly apply the teachings of Torah to our daily live.

The Serpents Seed by David Mathews
Lies, lies and more lies....are uncovered as you read David Mathews book The Serpant's Seed! Read from beginning to end, truth laid out to expose the enemy's lies. There is much TRUTH to learn about our God's language as seen in Genesis and throughout our Bible.  Are you ready to live in His Truth? In 'The Serpent's Seed', David Mathews takes us where lies can live no more. This book takes us where truth, His Truth, lives and lives ABUNDANTLY, revealing His Light, in His Hebrew Language for all to see. No more deception, no more lies, only truth. This book reveals the truth about the adversary so believers like you and me can walk in the Light and not be deceived AND face what is coming on this world, empowered by this Truth! You will be better prepared, by understanding the truth, as taught by David Mathews. This book has peeled back the deceptions of the previous and purposed lies in the history of the Bible. We want truth, and David Mathews has uncovered MUCH. And isn't that what we all want, to walk in His Truth that sets us FREE? Yes, we all agree, we want truth. Let 'The Serpent's Seed' open your eyes to the truth, His Truth!

The Rainbow Language! By David Mathews
What a beautiful picture of promise. The Rainbow Language, written by David Mathews of Manna From Heaven Ministries, will lead you page by page into understanding the great miracle of the death, burial and resurrection of the holy language, Hebrew. In David Mathews book, we see how the ancient Hebrew language, though thought by many as a dead language, come back to life! Let David Mathews lead the way and unfold the truth of this resurrected Holy Language we all love, HEBREW.

Dove Necklace
Shopping - Dove pendent necklace with the scripture reference Psalms 122:6 etched on the back, "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem". A beautiful sterling silver or gold plated dove pendent with the scripture ref Ps. 122:6 inscribed on the back. It reads: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem." Makes for a very special gift! Designed and made in Israel

Next level Worship - Spirit Led Messianic Praise and Worship - Coon Rapids, MN
Worship - Next Level Worship, a Ruach HaKodesh led ministry team of Corner Fringe Ministries and friends, praises Yahweh with a diversity of music reflective of Yahweh’s people, including Messianic, Contemporary, Rock, Gospel and Hymns. Our mission is to declare the glory of Adonai.

Congregation Beth Messiah - Houston, TX
Congregations - Beth Messiah was founded in 1982 by Richard Freeman and his wife Patsy with the vision of creating a space for Jewish people to find the Messiah Yeshua and remain true to their Jewish heritage.  Since its inception, Beth Messiah has grown from a chavurah meeting in a living room to a messianic synagogue with more than 400 people in attendance each week.
Personals / Singles - MESSIANICSOULMATE.COM - CONNECTING MESSIANIC HEARTS! Recently launched, was created to provide an online community for Messianic Singles to connect with other Messianic Singles in search of their beshert, or soul mate. Additionally, because friendships are important too, we also provide opportunities to make friends in the Single Messianic world.

Respuestas en Torah - Caracas, Venezuela
Congregations - Somos un ministerio Judío Mesiánico Observante de la Torah ( Nazarenos), de judios y gentiles que vivimos amando a Elohim, leyendo la Torah, siguiendo la Ley de Moisés (sin las leyes de sacrificio), cumplimos el Shabat, las fiestas bíblicas y los Mandamientos de Yeshua, el Mesías de Israel (No Dios-Hombre).

The Way Sabbath Fellowship - Clio, MI
Congregations - We are a Messiah-centered congregation who observes the weekly and annual Sabbaths. We would love to have you worship with us this Sabbath! 9:00 AM - Torah Study; 10:00 AM - Children & Teen classes/Adult Fellowship; 10:30 AM - Worship and Lesson; 12:30 PM - Fellowship Lunch. We are a very kid-friendly group!!

American Torah
Teaching / Articles - Teachings on the practical application and meaning of Torah in the lives of modern American believers.

Messianic Art and Gifts
Art - We are very excited to launch our new site which is currently being redesigned to look better and be more functional. We currently have 13 designs that can be printed on stickers, magnets, wall art, and custom mantle pieces.

Berit Olam Fellowship - Springdale, Arkansas
Congregations - What would it be like to learn as the disciples did of Yeshua/Jesus?  How would our understanding of the gospel have been shaped by the beliefs and customs of the Jewish culture in which we lived? We invite you to join our weekly fellowships and classes to study and explore the Hebraic roots of the first century church and begin a fascinating tour of the Jewish world of Yeshua/Jesus that will provide inspirational insights to transform your faith.

Beit haSha'ar - Phoenix City, Al
Congregations - Rabbi Greg Lehtimaki - Location: 3608 Hwy 280W in Phoenix City, Al  - Serving Phoenix City, Al. and Columbus, Ga.area - email : - Our purpose is threefold: •To testify to the large and growing number of Jewish people who believe that Yeshua is the promised Jewish Messiah and Savior of the world. •To bring together Jewish and non-Jewish people who have a shared vision for Jewish revival.  •And, most importantly, to introduce our Jewish brothers and sisters to the Jewish Messiah Yeshua.

Songbird Papercuts - Israel
SCRIPTURAL PAPERCUT ART AND MESSIANIC KETUBAHS IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH. These beautiful paper cut blessings in Hebrew and English, and made entirely in Israel, are a stunning and meaningful choice for your home decor, and make an ideal gift for a special occasion. Israeli artist Grace Alon also offers an exquisite Messianic ketubah as a beautiful symbol of your wedding covenant, or a perfect gift for a special couple or anniversary.

Berean Classroom
Study Tools - Dispensational Bible study website which emphasizes the Divine requirement of "rightly dividing the Word of Truth" (II Timothy 2:15), i.e. distinguishing between the ministries of Peter and Paul (Galatians 2:7-9).  Live online Bible classes are offered for believers anywhere in the world who are interested in dispensational Bible study.

Solel Sabbath Fellowship - Perry, MI
Congregations - We invite you to join us on Sabbath in Perry, Michigan. At Solel Sabbath Fellowship, it is our purpose to clear the path (Hebrew, solu) and make disciples for Yeshua who are obedient to the commands of God and will go out to make more disciples. We're a family-friendly congregation that loves God and loves people.

Chants of Carmel
Christian, Music - Chants of Carmel showcases some of the best Gregorian Chant from around the world. You will find articles, reviews and history about Gregorian Chant. Come join us and explore the calm and peaceful world of chant music!

Manna from Heaven Ministries - Silverton, OR
Congregation - Our vision is to have a place of worship and training. Bringing both, the new convert and those already growing, into service in the Kingdom. We strongly believe in the commitment to the local assembly, which affects the local community. Our goal is to build upon the foundation of the Law and the Prophets, a strong ministry from strong families. Teaching discipline, obedience, accountability, and promoting the gifts of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (The Holy Spirit). We will endeavor to expose the division in the Brotherhood gendered from ignorance of His Word that keep us from the Unity of The Faith.

Kehila News  - News Sources - Kehila News is an online centralized portal for the Messianic community in Israel, publishing articles and videos from over 100 congregations and ministries, all in one easy place. The Hebrew word "kehila" means community or congregation. Kehila News lets you see the news in Israel through the eyes of the Messianic believers that live in Israel. Just go to and get first-hand news and insights from a biblical perspective. Stay up-to-date with community news, commentaries, testimonies, biblical teachings, videos, and more! You can sign up for free for the weekly email. It is a great way to stay connected with what is happening among many ministries within the Body in Israel. There is also a searchable directory of congregations, ministries and Messianic-owned businesses in the Land. We personally know the web developer of the website and highly recommend that you to check it out.

Blogs - Our site is a resource page for those who are pursuing to follow Torah or interested in Scripture from a Jewish perspective.

Dancing With Color
Shopping - Dancing With Color specializes in items to enhance our relationship with our creator YHVH (God). A large and ever increasing selection of tzitziyot are offered as well as tzitzit themed keychains and bookmarks. Many colors and color combinations are available. More than one tying method is used as well as options in length. Custom orders are welcome.

Tranquility Design
Shopping - Here you will find simple to tie and wear head scarves. The focus is on modesty. These scarves are meant to assist with a variety of head covering needs for women who fully or partially cover their hair. Whether for Kiddush, Shabbat, formal or daily wear, we can help you obtain the right tichel or tichel foundation for you. A variety of colors, prints, and different styles are offered with more being added all of the time. New designs are in the works so check back often!

Study Tools - A Message Of Revelation to My Heart from the Word of the God of Israel Regarding the Identity of the Messiah.
Contains many in-depth studies of marvelous new divine revelations that are sure to shake the world, and keep you spellbound! Includes a vast collection of Biblical, historical, archaeological, botanical, and scientific insights along with beautiful photographs throughout its tantalizing 858 pages. Follow the intriguing events leading from one miracle to another until you see the testimony of the two witnesses unveiled, proving to the world that there is a God in Israel.

RESTORING THE NAME AND REPUTATION OF THE JEWISH MESSIAH. LEARN HIS HEBREW NAME. Rebecca Hazelton, who has lived in Israel, will take you on a spiritual archeological excavation to uncover what has gotten lost in translation, in transliteration, and in tradition over the centuries from the richness and depth of our Savior's Name.  if you love to dig into the Scriptures, do research to find original meanings of Hebrew words, and to learn how history affects our beliefs and understanding today, then you will love where this study takes you.

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